New Geraniums

jfragaJune 19, 2008

Hey Everyone,

I just bought to geraniums and both of them are starting to have yellowish leaves. One of them, I transplanted it to a bigger container with new soil and the other one is in the original container. The flowers seem to be burned by the sun. I already have two zonal geranium and they do just fine in full sun. I don't know exactly what the new type of geraniums are but they might be a type that doesn't like sun that much. The leaves are round with a darker circle inside. Maybe someone can help me with this.

Thank you


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Hi Joaquin...since your geraniums' leaves have a ring, the more sun the better. The ring will darken with sun, otherwise, if in shade, it'll revert to green.
Was your geranium in or outdoors when you bought it? It may need light adapting, but since its leaves are yellow, it sounds more like an overwatering problem..Geraniums do not like wet feet. Water thoroughly, then let soil dry before adding more.
Geraniums need well-draining soil. If/when you repot use a Cactus/succulent soil, and amend if it's still too heavy. I use Succulent soi and add Builder's Sand (bought at HD) and Perlite. If you don't want to bother with sand, just use the Perlite. Also, pots should have drainage holes. Otherwise, water will build up on the bottom pot and cause root rot. Treat Geraniums as you would a succulent plant. Good luck, Toni

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