white lorapetalums at growers outlet

maylandMarch 30, 2008

I remember someone a few weeks ago was looking for white lorapetalums.

i went to Growers Outlet in Loganville on Saturday and they had some, in 3-gal size for $10. They had quite a few in stock -- you can check their availability online too (link below).

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Went there early this AM. Not an excellent decision!
It was COLD there and windy and damp! After about an hour, had to leave. Thought I had frostbite on my fingers(had forgotten my gloves).
The place was loaded with new arrivals. Went to get Rhododendron, Hosta, Tomatoes & Peppers. No Peppers today, so I didn't buy the Tomatoes. Will have to return later for the veggies. I am going to wait 2-3 weeks before planting them out. Last year was a learner for me!
Here's the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growers Outlet Availibility

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oops, thanks for posting the link!

I bought Azaleas, white Camellia, Hellebores, oak-leaf Hydrangea and a Fatsia japonia. This was my 2nd trip and i think i might be going back for more!

I asked them whether they will be getting in any rhododendrons and they said they do not carry them -- they only get evergreen azaleas and deciduous native azaleas.

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I was out there on Saturday afternoon - rather wet, but not really cold. I picked up some hellebores (a friend told me they were out of them when she went on Sunday, but maybe she didn't see them and didn't ask); some short blue-flowering salvia; a couple heucheras (they mainly carry plum pudding and other dark varieties that don't show up with my mulch); a white peony; a flowering maple.

Last year they had Myrica cerifera )Souther wax myrtle, perhaps?), a great native shrub that's hard to find, but I haven't seen any there this year.

I regret that they carry all kinds of privet, which is one of the worst weeds in GA according to the University of Goergia, but when I go they are always so busy I haven't been able to bring it up with the managers.

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That was ME that wanted the white lorapetalums! :) Thanks! And, now, a coworker of mine is also looking for them. I wish to heck we could find someone selling them here in Middle GA. But, I will definitely check out this place in Loganville!

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Oh good, I'm glad you saw this. Do check their availability before you go, they sell out of things quickly.

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Does anyone know if the white Loropetalum's they have are the dwarf cultivar, 'Snow Muffin'?
I have a white one, but it would be 12-15 ft. tall, if I didn't chop it off occasionally. It will need another haircut this year, after it finishes blooming.
May try to go there this weekend, if the weather is fair & warm or wait until the Peppers arrive. Notice that they are expecting Cayenne. couldn't find them last year.

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Rb, it does not specify a cultivar on the PDF that the Availability page links to, so I'd guess its not the dwarf form. I don't think they answer their phones much, so its probably hard to check.
It might have stopped raining by Sunday!

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oops, but of course if I actually _read_ the description on the PDF, then it says "Moderate-growing to 10-12ft. tall and wide", so definitely not the dwarf form!

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Thanks Maryland....
So, the ones they have are like mine, Fragrant(unlike the pink/rose/red ones), but require some maintenance to keep them smallish. The burgundy/red leaf ones, var. rubrum, do also, unless you purchase a dwarf cultivar.
Mine is located in the "White" garden, not designed that way, but right now almost everything blooming back there is white, Loropetalum, Azaleas, Pieris japonica(regular size & dwarf) and several Dogwoods.
A few pinks and reds, Camellia, one Encore Azalea, and one Native Azalea (R. canescens) and 2 yellows, Magnolia x 'Elizabeth' and a R. austrinum. That will change next year, as I will be adding some more yellow flowered Native Azaleas, that is, if my water barrels hold out!
I never download the PDF version, as it takes up space on the hard disk and since they update the Availaibility list each day, it may be outdated tomorrow.

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I must be a glutton for punishment!
Last weekend it was cold when I went there, today, raining!
But, am planning a trip south and wanted to take some plants along and this was the only day available to go.
Went to obtain some more of the Rhodies, new shipment came in yesterday and I took half of them. Sorry folks, they have been cherry picked!
If you are an Orchid fan, they had a large selection(colors) of Moth Orchids, Phalaenopsis, for $10ea.,3/$25. Looked really good and very tempting! But I was loaded and had no room for delicate plants. Very few of the Nun's Hood Orchids left.
Someone was looking for Hellebores. They had a few nonblooming ones left and had reduced them to $1.50, 7/$10. Still had their old foliage and didn't look that good. They were pulling them back to the greenhouse today.

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