My Geraniums are sick!

sewnjoy(z5 IA)June 9, 2012

I've had my geranium plants for 2 years & they have been just beautiful! I winter them over on my porch & they bloomed so wonderfully this spring when I put them outside. Now they look like they are on their last leg! Leaves turn pale & dry out, blossoms are skimpy & there just is no new growth. I suspect spiders or mites. I can see tiny webs among the plants. What should I do??? I was thinking of a soap & water spray then some one told me to use cooking oil & water first. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Spray them with a blast of water under & over leaves a few times this week. Then repot them if you've not done that this year. They don't mind being a bit rootbound to bloom, but if yours aren't. They need the new soil + diluted fertilizer to be healthy & bloom again.

Mine looked pretty dreary until we had warmer temps and I began to fertilize the pots regularly again. They're blooming and looking great now as if I pampered them, but I didn't.

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