Anyone know of a fragrant variety of Astilbe?

AdamM321(MA z5/6)July 7, 2005


I saw an Astilbe last year at a nursery that was fragrant and I am kicking myself I didn't buy it. Now I can't remember which one it was. It had a pink plume I believe and the smell of ripening grapes? maybe? Does anyone know which one I am talking about?

I did see one variety this year called Appleblossom, that said fragrant on the tag, but it wasn't in bloom and not sure. Any other varieties that are fragrant?


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The grape smell you got from the one may be the typical smell they most all have. Try some other and see.

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I have recently aquired "Visions Pink." It has come into blom and it is indeed fragrant.
I reccomend it. It is a small plant with a tight clustered bloom.
To my nose though it has a typically yeasty fragrance, like the flowers of bayberry or holly.
I would love to find a grape scented Astilbe though!
Was the plant you smelled, redolent of grapes (the fruit) or grape must perhaps?

Matt Di Clemente

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