Geranium Bud Worm

jane__ny(9-10)June 3, 2005

Has anyone had experience with this nasty bug? They attack my Geraniums each year and destroy all the new buds. I have at least 50 containers which I grow in and am at a loss as to what to plant. I will not use toxic chemicals as my containers and beds attract many hummingbirds and butterflys. I looked around for BT, but the nurseries near me do not have it. I'm afraid to invest in new Geraniums if I can't get control of this bug.

Thanks and sorry to be so long,


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Ratherbgardening(PNW 7 or 8)

I just saw this on a show, but I haven't used it. Hope it helps.
"Geranium bud worm, tobacco bud worm, whatever you call it, it is a pest! These small caterpillars can do real damage to your geraniums, petunias and other flowers and vegetables in your garden. Ferti-lome has a new organic product on the market called ÂBorer, Bagworm, Leaf miner & Tent Caterpillar Spray that will help you control them biologically. If you spray now it will get rid of the pests and it will leave a residual layer to take care of those late arrivals! Tom Combs of GardÂn-Wise Distributing even showed us a new type of hose end sprayer that allows you to screw the product bottle on to the end of the hose. Check out your local independent garden center for this great new Âgreen product."

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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

Jane, it is now 2008. Have you solved your bud worm problem? I also garden without chemicals so the bud worm is a problem for me too. However, I found that they don't attack ivy geraniums so that is all I plant now. Just today I got baskets at W-M with four ivy geraniums in each basket for $10. I will take those out and repot in my pretty hanging baskets and pots. Don't even bother to grow the "standard" geraniums anymore, or Petunias becasue they eat those too.

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