cranesbill geranium care

sheilajoyce_gwJune 10, 2005

I made the mistake of planting a cranesbill geranium in my flower border two years ago. Then my sister told me that they were posted as great to grow under rose bushes.

Two years later in my southern California yard, they have taken over 1/3 of my border. They look beautiful when they bloom in the spring but get ugly after that.

How do I maintain them so they will look attractive all year? Right now I am ripping out several areas thick with them. They develop a thik, ugly thatch undergrowth that is not attractive.

Maintenance advice? Or do I just rip them all out?

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ShirleyD(z4b WI)

Here is cold Wisconsin I really don't have a problem with them taking over the border area. I have lots of them planted and they're never a problem. I just trim them back if they start to get "leggy" looking and them come back and keep blooming all summer. Sorry, I'm not sure what to tell you about them in you're warmer California climate.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

The only ones I've had that really spread and took over were geranium sanguineum; with a fuchsia-pink flower. They drowned all the other less vigorous varieties except Johnson's Blue. I'm in northern Illinois. Mine don't really get sloppy looking; I like neat habit, but pull offshoots when they stray too far from the main plant. I have sheared them when they needed it.

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outinthegardenallday(Zone 7, LI,NY)

This is the first year I've had Brookside in my garden...put in two very healthy plants. They bloomed profusely and are now getting leggy. Should I cut the "legs" back to the new growth? Might I anticipate new blooms? I'm in the middle of Long Island.

Thanks in advance.


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I have a geranium endresii, Wargrave Pink that gets about 3 feet tall in nice compact rounded mound. Then all of a sudden it collapses in the middle so that the long stems fall outward to the edge of the mound on the ground. They no longer have any vigor in their stems and I have then propped them up with linking stakes but now they look all shoved together. I was resorting to looking on the forum for some solution. Would appreciate additional thoughts, if they are out there!

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