Signs of Life

woody_ga(7a GA)March 9, 2008

I'm in Woodstock (north of Atlanta). I went walking in the garden this afternoon, and there are some nice signs of life! The garden plox is coming up. My verbena really died back, but it too is beginning to show. The daylilies are growing. The maples are showing buds. I'm getting excited to see spring!

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Me too, me too. Too exciting. The forsythia is budding and opening and my trillium, a mystery planting is out in almost full force.There are big fat buds on the rhodys and even the beaten down hydrangeas are trying to put out and the toad lilies are coming up. Glorious,glorious!

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I have gotten such a charge out of the camellias this year. They are usually kind of a given, but what with the drought and all we were lucky to have the buds that we had. The anticipation of watching the buds grow and slightly open; waiting for a warm spell. One always forgets how beautiful they are whilst in bloom.

Now I am starting to see the azalea buds growing out....Spring really is my favorite time of year!

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daffodils are flowering, winter flowering jasmine in flowering, buds on many trees, flowers on neighbors Bradford pear tree, lenton rose in bud, lorapetalum flowering, buds galore on the butterfly bushes, and that's just a quick snapshot of my garden in Sandy SPrings

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

I saw my first butterfly yesterday afternoon. :-)

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Saw the first Butterfly, a large Sulphur, a couple of days ago. Bumblebees are out today, dive-bombing some of the flowering plants.
Native (to this area) Trout Lilys have finished blooming already this year. Didn't last as long as usual. The heavy rainfall last weekend may have been responsible.
Trillium cuneatum is up enmass and some blooms open.
Mayapple's are coming up, both Native and Asian species.
Many Asian Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Cobra Lilys) are up and some with mature spathes.
The Summer Snowflakes, Leucojum aestivum, have decided to bloom this year. Surprise! as they aren't very reliable and were dry must of last year. The White Muscari is right on schedule, despite the drought and being in an area that didn't get irrigated. Iris retics and most Crocus have already retired for the season, so have most of the Winter blooming Cyclamen species. Species Tulips have foliage and flower buds, none open yet.
Camellias are still showing off, Quince also and one Rhody, R. mucronulatum is blooming.
Saucer Magnolias have peaked and petal drop has started. Star Magnolias were a disappointment this year, as there were very few flowers or none at all on some trees.
The stars of the garden perennials right now, has to be the Hellebores and Epimediums.
A number of JM cultivars are in full foliage already and the Hydrangeas have started to leaf out. Guess they have no memory of what happened on Easter weekend, last year. Endless Summer is an exception. It is slow to emerge this year, after losing half of the foliage and all of the open blooms last year.
Noticed that my neighbor's Japanese Snowball Viburnum is already loaded with green flowers, that will become huge white globes in a few weeks.
Spring is the time for celebration, plus aches and pains for me. My back has already begun to tell me to take it slow and easy! I shut it up with IcyHot patches, but then I have a rash to treat!
Everyone enjoy the Spring, hope for rain and no more tornadoes!

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I love this time of year when you can walk through the yard and see something new poking its head up every day. In my yard, besides the bulbs and pansy in bloom, I have pulsatila, some cornflowers, lenton rose,the quince and the tulip magnolia is in full bloom, vinca is blooming, the hydrangia and most of the trees are budding out and some of the hosta are up about 3 inches. I have one stand of iris in serious bud.

I guess I better get weeding quickly.

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