Help! Oak Tree Dilemia

lulupalooza(Zone 8)March 2, 2013

I have an Oak tree that I let grow longer than I should have in between my fence and now I have a dilemma with my next door neighbor. I have a chain link fence and my neighbor has a wooden privacy fence (all the properties in my subdivision all have privacy fences). But in between my fence and the neighbors fence is about a 12 inch space, which has allowed scrub shrub, trees and vines to grow and of course itâÂÂs on my side. I have cut this tree several times over the years when it was smaller, but left the trunk, because it was in a spot, where you would have to take the chain link down to completely cut it out. I ended up letting it stay, because it provided a barrier where I couldnâÂÂt see into the neighbors yard. They also had a pit bull that would spring board jump and peer into my yard while hanging on the privacy fence. So we left the tree because it provided some blockage from the dog. Now the tree is getting bigger and it is also starting to push up against my fence. I told the neighbor I was going to cut it, but she said she didnâÂÂt want it cut because it provided shade for her dogs (she conveniently built a dog run on that entire side of the fence and the two dogs she does have are never outside or in that run and she is barely home as she travels for work) the pit bull is long gone (we had it out with her over that dog, animal control, etc) Anyway, I want the tree gone because of the potential damage factor to the fence and to my house, it is barely 6-8 feet from my house and the branches are 95% in my yard and also encroaching on my house. BUT the thing is I am not sure who the space in between the fence belongs to. My back fence is the same away, about 2 feet of space from the chain link to the other neighborâÂÂs privacy fence. Anyway, I posted a pic of the tree and I noticed those brown patches on the tree trunk (I cut the tree twice leaving only the stump and each time it sprouted new limbs) Is this tree possibly diseased? If it is, it is so out of here, I donâÂÂt care whoâÂÂs property it is on.


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BUT the thing is I am not sure who the space in between the fence belongs to.

The only way to know would be to have the property surveyed on that side.

The tree doesn't look diseased to me. Also, not sure it is an oak, but that probably doesn't matter/

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