25 cent Geraniums

loveflowersJune 19, 2009

I went to Lowe's this evening and they had racks of plants so cheap, that need help. I bought 3 Geraniums @ 25 cents each!! Also, I got 2 Supertunia Rasberry Blast for $1.00 each.

I didn't plant them yet, but I did give them some blossom booster.

I have a question about the Supertunia's. I never had these before, this particular variety says to plant in sun or partial shade. Do you think if I plant them in a pretty shady area they will grow more blooms? Or, they need more sun?

I was going to plant them in the ground, is that a good idea? Or, in a basket?

Thanks. :)

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All petunias are a sun to part shade plant plants. Putting them in the shade while the recover may be a good idea but you won't get more blooms if you plant them in the shade, you'll get less.

The nature of supertunias is to cascade. That's why they are mainly sold for baskets, but you could put them in the ground. Just make sure they have a good area to roam.

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