Japanese Maple - Seedlings - Worth the effort?

love_savannahMarch 29, 2010

We planted our Home Depot Japanese Maple (Bloodgood I think) about 10 year ago. Anyway, for the first time, we have little seedlings popping up. Today I must have dug up about 10 that are only about 3" high.

I read somewhere that JM seedlings will never develop a root system strong enough to support the tree. Who am I kidding? I'll probably be dead by the time these little things grow enough to be considered a real tree. LOL! Anyway, I was wondering if any GA gardners have ever tried to nurture a little Japanese Maple?

I know that there is a GW tree forum. I'd just like to know if any GA gardeners have had any success with JM seedlings? Also, am I just wasting my time trying to grow these?

Let me know if I need to post on the tree forum. It will be done.

Thank you!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Acer Bloodgood seedlings grow into fine trees. There was a nice gal who came to a few plant trades and brought some lovely seedlings. I think you'll do fine by them. The mini-jap. maples will not necessarily grow into the parent, and that is probably the information that you read.

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I have a couple of 12" trees that were seedlings from the parent tree in my yard, and are doing just fine!

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They will grow into trees but not all will have the red coloring or cut leaves. I have picked and planted some of my seeds and the little trees are all different but still pretty.

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You will probably be suprised how nice they turn out, I have grown out many and while they might not all merit a special spot in the yard, I have never observered a ugly Japanese maple, unlike most fruit tree seedlings grown out you would not be wasting your time. You could as well use them as a rootstock to graft over to a know cultivar, but you need to watch out as Japanese Maples are very addictive.

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Any time you have seedlings, they can be variable. That is how new cultivars are discovered - you might get some ordinary ones, but sometimes something really good happens. Once a special plant is identified, it is propagated by cuttings to ensure that the trait is maintained, then it is tested to make sure it is garden worthy, then it is patented and named.

That is how you get things like Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' - out of a bunch of random Acer palmatum seedlings, it was selected.

But the bottom line is that yes you can transplant your seedlings and keep them or give them away. They will do fine.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have a seedling that's been growing from my waterfall. I hope it turns out to be a nice one.

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WOW! I'm so happy to learn this. I've got a long way to go but it sounds like it will be worth the effort.

I'm not sure what type Bloodgood we have. However my little seedlings are already red. It sure was a nice surprise to find something in the yard besides pines and sweetgums.

Aren't they cute?

Thanks so much for every comment. It will be fun to watch them grow.


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Japanese Maples are so addictive, My wife said "Me or the trees." I said "I sure am going to miss you sweetheart."

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Acerbob, that's hilarious!

I'm sure that was an April Fool's joke. LOL

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I have a friend that start seedling from japanese maple. He have 300 type of maple so far. But those seedling are only use for grafting. The seedling won't look like the parent plant. So don't expect it look the same.

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My granddaughter is planning on paying for part of her college tuition from selling all of the seedlings from our tree. For years we have been giving them away, everyone just loves them. They grown fairly quickly, use Milorganite for fertilizer, the tree and seedlings will thank you.

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