Geranium is all foliage

ryanstar(6)June 28, 2011

Is there any way to boost the blooming of a geranium I'm

Already using a bloom boosting miracle Gro fertilizer

It's very healthy, the foliage, but I feel something isn't right

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Pelargonium (tender & grown as annuals) or hardy Geranium? your zone?

Here in western WA with a cool summer climate..

...the Pelas like full sun & bloom when a bit root bound. Might be too much fertilizer putting on growth, but no blooms. Also, let soil dry out between waterings.

...hardy ones have a season of bloom with some having rebloom, but most just bloom for about 3 weeks then have groundcovering foliage, so no amount of fertilizer will make them bloom again.

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