anyone growing datura inoxia?

tepelus z6a SW MIJuly 4, 2007

I'm asking because I would like to get some seeds from someone who is growing it this year so I can start some for my garden next year. I'm still waiting to see if the three year old seeds I got from a friend will sprout, but if not I would really like to have some for next year. What I want are the plain, big white flowering variety that face up and open at night, nothing fancy. If you have brugmansia, that would be cool too, but I only want the datura.

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Tep, I have datura growing in my garden..don't know if it's the inoxia though..but your description fits those I have..If my daturas seed you're welcome to some..
They grow upwards, as bushes, w/large white flowers that open at night and cloudy days. Keep in touch..Toni

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Sounds like what i'm looking for. i planted some old seeds i got from a friend in hopes that they will sprout, been two weeks and nothing yet. i'll give them another week or two and if nothing then i know the seeds are bad. I'll try to send you an email, dunno if the email link will work or not, have yet to try it out, then we can keep in touch so when and if your datura seed, you can send me some. thanks for the reply! Karen

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tepelus z6a SW MI

BTW.....was looking through your photo album of your house plants, i really like the green and white variegated african violets, even when not if flower, very pretty! ;)

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Tep, thanks..I got them at the Violet Barn..I have to move back in their window..they normally bloom 10 months out of the yr, but last year I moved plants around, setting C&S's in front of that the only real sun AV's are getting in under artifical lighting and some indirect sun..Toni

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