Plant identification needed

ferngirl33June 20, 2007

Hi, hope that someone can help me identify this bush that came up in my garden a number of years ago. It looks rather like a geranium but with large bunches of yellow flowers in winter. It is around 6-7ft tall. The leaves are 6 inches wide. It seems to like it's position with morning sun and afternoon shade close to the bush.

I have a pic, but not sure how to post just yet.

Many thanks.

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Have managed to upload pic now. Thanks for any help you can give.

Here is a link that might be useful: Unknown yellow geranium?

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Hi ferngirl33, lovely to have a New Zealander, (my fathers homeland, I hope to visit very soon). I cannot identify this plant. I have scoured my plant books for an id, mainly because it is so beautiful, and so HUGE!! 6-7 feet is a very large plant. Could you post a pic of it in flower? I cannot find a yellow blooming clustered geranium, (and I mean 'geranium' not pelargonium) though I am no expert by any means but I think if there were one in this country I would have found it. It potentially could be a heuchera but the mere size of the plant would, I think, negate that. Anyway, I am dying to know what it is, so, please post the answer if you get one outside the forum. Thanks again for the puzzle challenge and I, for one, will keep searching. Best to you down under, Kat

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pellie_grower(z8 UK)

sorry your plant isnt a Geranium nor a member of the family

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