'John Smith' Begonia - still waiting for fragrance

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)July 7, 2012

My 'John Smith' Begonia is still alive (knock on wood).

I've killed two 'Sunrise Scentiment' tuberous begonias already!

I changed out John's soil into a modified gritty mix and so far so good. The flowers continue to develop but I've yet to catch any scent from them. :(

Hopefuly I got the right tuber and I won't over water it like I did with the other ones!


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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Hi Robert!

How accurate is the color in your photo above? I ask because it doesn't look anything like the 'John Smith' I had last year, which was more of a solid peach with no variation in color throughout the petals. There was no pink anywhere. For me, the strong fragrance was even evident in the unopened buds which had started to color up, even with my allergy-ridden nose.

I hope they didn't send you the wrong tuber! :-(

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ispahan! You're back! ;)
The color is not accurate. It is more peachy (the pink/red was the same with the camera and my cell phone...go figure).
Still I suppose it could be the wrong plant which of course would be a major bummer considering I paid $64 altogether!
I suppose I'll wait until it opens further before sending an email to White Flower Farm.

So tell us what you've been growing! I know you're holding out on us. ;)


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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Hi Robert,

I still check in periodically to see what is happening, but I have been busy participating in other forums.

I don't want to take over your thread, bu I have been enjoying lots of garden lilies this summer. The trumpets and Orienpets have been swooningly fragrant :-)

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