When can I expect Rozanne to flower?

outinthegardenallday(Zone 7, LI,NY)June 6, 2005

Greetings all. I bought my first Rozanne last year. She was potted up and kept on my front steps, facing North, receiving early morning sun. I transplanted her into the ground last Fall. She now gets afternoon sun for about 6 hours.

The plant has sprouted very nicely, with alot of foilage. But there are no flowers.

Can any you share when I might expect to start seeing some blooms?




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ShirleyD(z4b WI)

The Rozannes that I planted last spring do not have any buds yet either. They were slow to sprout this year but now have lots of foliage so I'm sure the buds will be appearing shortly. The new Rozannes I put in this year are full of buds! Its well worth the wait - mine bloomed continuously last year well into November!

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outinthegardenallday(Zone 7, LI,NY)

Thanks Shirley. I appreciate your sharing that buds have not shown up on your Rozanne either. This was my first foray into perennial geraniums...this Spring I bought two Brookside as well. They're in the ground and blooming like crazy. I think the growers pump them up with alot of fertilzer to get them blooming earlier.

Anyway, thanks again.


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tulipscarolan(z6 RIcoast)

My experience exactly! Last year I put
Rozanne in, and it started blooming right away in early May and kept going. This year it has huge awesome foliage, but no buds (well, I keep thinking there are buds, but they turn out to be leaf buds!!). I'm a little over-eager for the flowers, but at least the better-than-expected foliage is making me happy. But I hope it flowers before July!

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I have Rozanne planted in several locations. One Rozanne (third summer)has been bloom for about two weeks. Two others (second summer)have been in bloom about a week. They all are in sunny locations. The Rozannes in part shade locations are just coming into bloom.

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