My new Geranium

Airen21(8a)July 19, 2013

Hello All,

Just wanted to say hello im new around here, ive gotten a very nice geranium plant, first one and gosh it is such a nice plant.
any words of wisdom as to what NOT to do to this lovely being, will be much appreciated!

kind regards,


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Patty zone 5

Nice little plant you have there. I am in zone 5, but will tell you that these are tough little plants and can do well in full sun or in partial sun. I like to keep some in both scenarios. The partial sun grown plants flower less in terms of overall number of flowers on the plant at once, but have a softer appearance.

Maybe some people in your zone will weigh in on this as well, but here is my experience.

I water when the top of the soil looks dry which can be everyday during the hottest summer days. Your pot is pretty big for the size of your plant so you may not need to water as much. Geraniums are pretty drought resistant so less is better than overwatering. They do start to droop when they need watering so you can watch for that. They are not like some plants though that are fine one moment and totally wilted the next.

But it will be trial and error for you. The good thing is that they are not hard to come by unless you are looking for a specific variety or this one has special meaning for you in terms of who gave it to you for instance.

Geraniums are one of my favourite plants. Here in Ontario they are considered annuals but can be brought in and overwintered in a few different ways. Just to show you how tough they can actually be, one of the ways of overwintering is to shake off all the dirt and hang them upside down in a cool location which will keep them dormant for the winter. All the leaves dry up and it looks dead. In late winter/early spring new growth starts and they can be potted back up and lightly watered. I haven't tried this but I did put some pots in an attached unheated garage over the winter. The tops did look dead but in the spring, new growth was starting. I brought them out and put them in a sunny spot and started lightly watering. I end up with some beautiful big geraniums. Note: because I do not have a greenhouse or indoor plant lights, my overwintered ones take a while to look as lush and full as the ones you can buy at the garden centres in early spring. I always end up buying some new ones anyway as new colours and new varieties come out but there are a few scentimental ones I like to keep from year to year. They also will overwinter here potted up in a sunny window like a houseplant which I do for a few as well.

Yours looks like a pretty soft pink. Can you take a picture of the flower head on?

I will post a few pics of some of mine later today. :)


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Patty zone 5

Here are a couple of my favourites this year. This one is called Stardom Bicolor Orange.

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Patty zone 5

Not sure of the name for this one....can you tell I am liking the bicolor ones? ;)

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Patty zone 5

And this is a soft pinky peach bicolor one...again don't know the name of it.

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