Pale leaves on new growth

pupwhippedJuly 17, 2010

The new growth leaves on all my geraniums are very pale. Does this mean too much water or what? I have blooms and the plants overall don't look bad, but the new leaves are pretty ghostly looking.

Thank you for any advice,


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Hi pupwhipped:

It could mean too much water, not enough water or it could mean they need fertilizer.

If you let it dry between waterings. If the lower leaves and the stem are fine then I'd venture to say they need fertilizer. I use the time release fertilizer in my pots when I plant them and it keeps them growing and healthy for 4 months. I do use the water soluable at the end of the season. If you use the water soluable. About 3 weeks between fertilizing is about right

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Thank you very much for the reply. I did put time release Osmocote on them at the start of the season and then added a little more a few weeks back. It is the strangest thing. The leaves are almost white and it's on every one of my geraniums. I've never noticed this in years past and can't figure it out. Mabye it's too much water...but you'd think they would just croak if that were the case. All but one of them still look good and healthy but the "ghostly" leaves are a hoot.

Thanks again for responding to me!

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If we examine what causes leaf color....we might assume there is a loss of sunlight. Photosynthesis is not taking place in sufficient amounts to bring about nice green color.

Too much fertilizer can cause increased amounts of green....mostly we say they are dark...but that can also suggest while the foliage is bright, there isn't the same amount of flowering....or the loss of color to the blooms.
Nitrogen brings on growth...and color...but denies flowering if too much.

Possibly the soil the plant is in doesn't have sufficient nitrogen or there is a lack of phosphurus...which brings about flowering.

I'd say there is definitely a lack of something in the chemical way. Whether the plant will come back quickly if given some fertilizer is a good question.....but probably it wont hurt.

Try giving the soil a mixing in of some compost...see if that doesn't do something.

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I just brought my geranium in to save it from our first frost and hopefully get it through our rough CT winter. I put it down in our basement. After about 2 weeks the plant looks beautiful, with new flowers and new growth, but the new growth is a paler green. I will find a spot for it upstairs in better sun and I'm sure it will improve.

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It might .. for a time, but winter sun is not kind to house plants that prefer lots of summer sun.
The reason why the leaves are pale is due to the loss of light; the sun is not supportive of photosynthesis. Soon the winter solstace will be upon us....the shortest day of the year and even when you place the plant directly in a window it is often not sufficient to support new growth.
You should expect it to wither. But, not all is lost....geranium can be brought back year after year.

If your basement has a place that is cooler than the rest of the room/s...then it can be placed there and allowed to completely dry out. When I say completely...I mean exactly that. Through the winter months, no water, no light and no heat above 45�--preferably lower--the plant can be allowed to sit and sleep the winter away.
Then, in February, the sun begins to move north...and it is then the time it can start to support our summer plants.
At this time it is brought out, cut back to about 4" - 6", old flowers and leaves removed, given a new pot with fresh potting soil--put something between the soil and the drainage holes--placed in your sunniest window, watered to drainage, and turned every 2 - 3 give all parts equal will come back better than it was last summer. If given a southern or western window, within two weeks, new leaf buds will be observed and within 6 weeks a whole new batch of leaves will fill the plant.
Geranium can be treated like any other houseplant through winter if you prefer. Give it water only when it needs it.
Since it is not growing, it needs a lot less and the winter sun is much lower and the reason why it can be put closer to the window --but draw back as the season progresses. thing, don't feed it in winter. Its not growing so it doesn't need to be fed. Just make sure it dries out between waterings.

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