Propagation of Pelergoniums

robitaillenancy1(zone 5)July 16, 2012

When can I take cuttings of pelergoniums?


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Although most folks take cuttings before wintering over their pelargoniums, softwood cuttings can be taken at any time the plant is in active growth.

Here is a link that might be useful: pelargoniums from cuttings

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Cuttings can be taken anytime. I have been taking geranium cuttings for at least 25 years and I have tried many ways. Gardengals link gives you the basics but I would add--

The danger to geranium cuttings is blackleg not mildew. The cutting turns black and mushy just above the soil. Here's the way I have found gets the best results

First you must make sure everything you use is very clean.
Take your cuttings: With a sharp knife or razor blade cut a 3 or 4 inch piece from the growing tip, cutting just below a leaf. All roots and branches come from a leaf joint. Remove all but the top 3 or 4 leaves. Let your cuttings callus over--Lay them out somewhere on newspaper. Mine sit on my spare room floor. Let them sit for about 5 days. The leaves will look wilted and dead but they're not. The cut end will shrivel and dry. Letting them callus over and watching the water cuts down on blackleg a deadly fungal disease especially to cuttings.
Now plant your cuttings. In a clean pail mix your soil with the water so you make sure the soil is damp right through. Use a soilless mix like pro mix or one that is free draining. Just make sure it has no fertilizer in it. You want the soil wet but not too wet. Squeeze a handful and some moisture should come out but not a lot. Fill your pots--small pots make it easier to control the moisture. Make a little hole in the center with your finger or something else that will make a small hole, so you don't knock off the rooting compound.
Dip about 1/2 inch of the cut end in rooting hormone. It comes in powder or gel, either is OK as long as it's for soft wood cuttings. I use Stim-root NO. 1. After it's dipped put it in the hole and cover it in, and you're done.
Keep the soil moist but not overly wet. They will look wilted at first but that will change as it starts to grow roots. You will know it's rooted when it starts to show new growth. If you are going to plant it outside, wait until it is rooted well before you set it out.

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With one exception, pels can have cuttings taken any long as it is from a healthy plant.
Never use cuttings when the plant has been in distress. Get the plant back in good health before you take cuttings.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I have managed to root pelargonium in water. I took a piece off before planting it out and simply put it in a small jug on the windowsill. It rooted in no time, even producing flower buds while in there!

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gardengal48, thanks for the great link. The last step is exactly where I always went wrong: covering cuttings with some plastic bag and, yes, they did start to rott.
this time I just potted the wilted cutting and it started looking better already. I am so excited, I found the cutting on my way to work, in front of a farmers house (Europe, Switzerland), the motherplant a beast of about 5 feet, old fashioned, few flowers, strong shoots/branches. It should be perfect for raising a standard Pelargonium.
Thanks, bye, Lin

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We are new at propagation. We just built a Green House - love Geraniums and hope we can propagate them to save some $. We moved some of the Geraniums to the GH so they would not freeze but propagated 30 today before it gets to cold in the GH. We followed the instructions listed in this post and then moved them under grow lights. Is there a problem with putting them under grow lights immediately? It is too cold in the GH now and we do not heat the GH.

Also, how many years can one propagate from the same plant? My wife was told that the more times a Geranium is propagated - the less flowers on the plant - is that true?

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