Geraniums looking unhealthy

mtcowgirlJuly 27, 2006

The past two summers, my potted geraniums have not done well. I purchase large, healthy plants with nice blooms in the spring, and they do well until July. Just like last year, they are now producing just a few small blooms and the leaves are yellowing. The pots they are in are large and drain well. I've tried fertilizing, watering more, watering less, etc. The plants are all in bright sun. It's been extremely hot the past few weeks, but geraniums belonging to neighbors still look great. What am I doing wrong?

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I recently had the same experience with three beautiful geraniums. While I waited helplessly, one (red) died. I sprayed this week with milk (of all things) and the remaining two are recovering. If that does not work, try an appropriate fungicide. Of course, you should first check the soil to see that the plant is not loose.
Good luck!.

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Be patient, your geraniums are just taking a breather.
Plants which produce blooms constantly, can get tired...lots of energy is expended.
Just water normally, don't overfeed, give them lots of sunlight. The blooms will come back as good as before.

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