African Jasmine not flowering...!?

skinny1July 5, 2007

...bought it back in mid-may covered with fragrant white flowers specifically for an old favorite container. However, when I got it home I found the container was a bit small, but stuffed it in anyway and set it outside in full 7000' altitude sun. Shortly afterward there was a week long cold spell. Brought it in those nights, except missed one. Flowers began rapidly to fall off & when it was down to only 10 or so I panicked and transplanted to a much larger, unfortunately plastic, container. Have now moved it indoors to bright, southerly indirect light - seems slightly improved, but no flowers. What to do?

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Don't panic!

Your jasmine's been through rough times, and it will need some time to get its roots settled in. True jasmines (including yours, j. angulare) flower on new growth, so you won't see flowers until you see new shoots coming out.

Also, bright, indirect light is just not enough to flower a jasmine. I'd suggest waiting for new growth, then moving it back outside to a partly shaded area, and slowly (over a week or so) moving it into full sun, with protection from hot, drying afternoon rays.

Finally, don't fertilize until you see new, healthy growth, and if it still doesn't flower in sunshine, you may just have to wait longer until the plant is fully settled and fills in the container a bit more.

I had an jasminum angulare a couple of years back and really liked the fragrance, so here's to a big comeback!


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Thanks to you Jim I have hope that the poor thing may survive my unintended abuse - it is most likely obvious that I am something of a newbie at this sort of thing!
One more question though - what sort of waterings and/or humidity levels need to be provided for the Jasmine in this sort of dry Southwestern climate? daily mistings?

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