sirenwerks(z7 Urban)July 25, 2004

I'm not a gardener but think I just got bit by the bug. Where I am staying in New Mexico, there are geraniums creeping over the stone walls. Purple flowers, hairy stems, the leaves look like all the photos I've seen, but I can't definitely ID them. Anyway, the flowers are drying out and the centers are what I believe to be seeds, looking like banana slices in a ring. Can I take these "seeds" and plant them to take my own plants with me back to California? If so, is there a process I have to go through? IE - refrigerating them? How do I plant them afterwards and when and how do I care for them as they grow?

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pellie_grower(z8 UK)

unfortunately the seeds have already sprung. The 'banana slices' are the catapults used by Geraniums to spread their seeds.

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