Did I steam my geranium?!?!

emulkahi1(z4 MT)July 18, 2004

I will start by saying I am fairly new to geraniums, and house plants in general, so I know that I have a lot to learn. I could really use your help with this one....

About a month ago, I got what the greenhouse called a 'black magic' geranium...Had beautiful deep purple flowers all over it. I potted it and had placed it in a window. When I came home from work one day, I noticed that some of its leaves were yellowing and had brown spots on their edges. I felt the pot, and it was very hot! (Stupid me....We live in an old building, and many of the windows-including the one the geranium was in-are single pane. So they really let the heat in). THEN, I looked in the bottom of the pot and there was some water left over from when I'd watered it the day before!

Did I steam it? It hasn't really rebounded all too well. It still has plenty of green leaves, but more keep getting yellow and then brown. I kind of browsed through the other posts on this forum, and maybe I could be over-watering? I've been giving it a good drink once a week or so....Maybe a tad more this past week, since it seemed to be really drying out. Maybe this is a mistake too? My husband has the camera at the moment, but when he gets home I will try to post a picture.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! It was such a beautiful plant--I would be really sad to lose it. THANKS!


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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Hi Erin,
I agree 'Blackmagic' is a beautiful pelargonium. You may be correct in thinking that the plant roots have become overheated. If the compost is dry water the plant thoroughly and allow the pot to drain, do not leave the plant standing in water keep the plant in good light but away from direct sunlight and it should recover.

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emulkahi1(z4 MT)

OK--this is my plan of attack. I will also try not to over water the thing....That would be most un-helpful, I gather :). And, I learned something new---I have a pelargonium, not a geranium! Who woulda thought? :) (Can anyone tell me how to tell the difference, since my plant is what I always thought a geranium looked like?)

Thanks for the advice!


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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Hi Erin,
Next time you open 'Geranium Forum' look for the FAQs, this will give you the information you require.

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emulkahi1(z4 MT)

Will do! Thanks for the help :)!

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