problems with tricolor geranium

sjrose77(5)July 7, 2010


I got a beautiful tricolor zonal geranium, and it is dying. I have never had a problem with geraniums. Does anyone know, do the tricolors need more shade? The leaves are turning brown and crispy on the edges and the leaves are misshapen they droop down, not like they need water but like it has some disease. At one point it got a lot of water because it rained really hard for a few days. I brought it on the porch still does not look good. I took cuttings, they died. Any suggestions? I really would like to save it.

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It may need more shade, I know the Martha Washington does. It may also be the excessive moisture. Have you looked at the stem. Is it discolored just above the soil. If it is then it has Blackleg and it's a goner. It's more than likely though--if the leaves are crispty that it has blight. You can try treating it for that with a fungicide for blight.

I grow lots of Geraniums and I never had any luck with the Martha Washington either. I tried them twice and once it died and the other time it just didn't do well, so I gave them up as a lost cause. I think a lot of the fancier Geraniums are just not as hardy as the regular zonals.

Good luck

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