found the coolest annual geranium, can some one name it for me?

garden_witch(z6a MI)July 6, 2005

I found a very unusual (pelargonium) geranium at a local store, no tag, no label, only one of this color. They are white with hot pink streaks and splatters, like a "broken colors" four o' clock.

Except for the unusual blooms, the rest of the plant looks like a standard seed geranium (flowers in clusters, rounded leaves, etc.) There is little or no scent to the flowers or leaves.

I don't have a photo to upload at the moment, but can get one if it helps =) I am sure this is a named variety, but can't find one like it anywhere. If anyone can help me ID it, please lmk!



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garden_witch(z6a MI)

I found it! It's "speckles"

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