orange jasmine will not bloom.

hibiscus_growerJuly 21, 2007

good morning to all. I have an orange jasmine that I have had for allmost two years and It has never bloomed at all. I cant seem to find any Info on the right light or If It Is an Indoor plant only. I put It outside In part sun for the summer and In a sunny window for the winter. am I doing this all wrong? the plant Is very healthyand growing. help!

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There seem to be a couple of closely related species and/or different clones of the same species floating around, all called orange jasmine.

Usually it blooms at a very young age, but I seem to recall that there's one that needs to grow a bit before it flowers -- I have one that's over a foot tall and no blooms yet.

I'm guessing the main problem is not enough sun. Part sun is not enough in northern climates, even in summer; I'd try to find a sunnier spot. Indoors, it depends: when you say "sunny" do you mean direct sun most of the day, or a few hours direct sun and bright the rest of the time?

Finally, light fertilizer can help; if the the leaves are looking yellowish then a fertilizer for acid-loving plants or something with chelated iron in it will green them up.

If all else fails, take it over to meet the compost heap and give it a stern warning, that'll learn it!


P.S. For more info, look up murraya paniculata, its most common scientific name.

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right now It's gettting afternoon sun and Indoors will get all day direct sun come fall and winter. what would be the lowest temp to leave It In before I take back Indoors?

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notanatural(z6 NY)

HG- I think they perform better outdoors but that being said, I have a tiny cutting sized plant (about 4 inches tall) I got this past winter which I keep indoors and it produced flowers twice till date. I don't do anything special with it.

I keep it by a southern window. I have used Spray n grow on it a couple of times and I rinse it under water about once a week. That's about all I do.

I think your light is quite adequate for it- I don't know enough about them to give you other advice though. But I don't think the light is your issue if they are getting that much light.

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try algoflash, it'll make it bloom its pants off! :)

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thanx much for the advice. how would you take a cutting? I have recently fertilized and will see what happens. If anything, I'll just put It nexst to a bowl of oranges and pretend. will let you know If anything happens

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does anyone know where I can get algoflash? Is this a liquid or powder or stick? thanks guys

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Hi Hib Grower..I saw AgloFlash on Ebay..don't remember if it was sold at Sunshine Gardens, or another place..I'm cooking dinner now, but will do a check later..Actually, I saw it Sunday. Okay, still don't have time to look on Ebay, but you can buy it at Also, if you type if Algoflash in your search engine, many nurseries pop up.

Murray's are related to citrus..I have a standard tree and a bush type..the bush is in mid 90's..Anyway, I thought it was related to jasmine..
What I learned via GW is you are NOT supposed to prune. When you do it delays or stops flowering..
Murrayas bloom summer and winter if given proper sun..And they dote on sunlight. If you can set outside in summer the better. If not, place in a south or west windows. Feed w/citrus fertilizer. (follow container directions) Allow soil to dry between waterings. I mist foliage when not in flower.
When temps hit the 40's, it's time to bring indoors.
That's all there is to it...Toni

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I think there are two kinds of orange jasmine. I have one for nearly 10 years but it never blooms. This spring I bought another one in a 4 inch pot. It had flowers already. It is now going to bloom again.

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I have had mine for a year and no blooms. im starting to wonder if its even orang Jasmine

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I had one for more than 5 years. That thing was fed, put outdoors in full sun, givin many warnings, and was at lease 2 feet tall, and just gave me green leaves..

I threw it into the compost pile last fall, not to waste space in my home for better fragrant reliable plants..It never produced a one flowers.. I have had some less than 6 inches high produce tons of blooms..It is probably a mimick one..


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I have one that didn't bloom for a real long time and it's very healthy, finally last year it bloomed and the flowers smell so good. Mine is about 4 ft tall and is getting blossoms again. Here's a picture of my blooms.

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

I had one that bloomed all the time. I tried to overwinter it on a sheltered porch a few years back and lost it. I had seed from it so I started new plants. It has taken three years to get blooms from the seedlings. I noticed that it had buds when I pulled it out this spring. It was in almost complete shade all winter so I do not think full sun is necessary. For whatever reason the blooms were triggered I am thankful for it as the fragrance is so wonderful.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a larger speciman of the murraya paniculata? All I can find are the 2-3 " pots. Thanks

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Betsy, the one from Logee's blooms from a very young age, and puts out flushes of bloom more or less repeatedly. It's definitely worth getting, even in a small size.

Logee's claims their is a constant bloomer, and that's true. Other Murrayas I've had from other vendors do not bloom as much. It's also quite vigorous. I got mine this summer, about the first of August. It has filled it's pot with roots and just went into an 8" pot. It's quite a nice size now and has put on large flushes of blooms repeatedly thru the winter.

The point is you can grow your own large specimen of a very choice, floriferous variety in about 6 months, even starting from a small plant. And with spring coming on, nature is on your side this time of year.

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Mehitabel! I just wanted to thank you for the info.

I had no idea they were that good there and I go there all the time.

Guess what my next purchase will be!?

Thank you


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, Mike! Well, great! I live to enable :D

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Let me cast another vote for Logee's wonderful clone. My plant, which is a little over a year under my care, has grown into a nicely attractive shrub-tree and is *constantly* forming new buds and flowers, even during the dim light of winter. I just moved it up to a 14" clay pot.

Right now my plant is covered with easily 200+ open flowers. The fragrance is so strong I can smell it in every corner of my house at all times of day or night.

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Isphan! You too. Thanks a lot for the added push to get

Mehitabel: I did it. I drove to Logees to get my own plant and would you believe it was only 2inches

I hope it grows some what or at leas a few more inches my the end of summer...

I am very excited about it and thanks again. i will post a picture of it soon. I even picked up a 'yellow' gardenia and another brunfelsia...


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

I'm glad you plunged, Mike. If I lived near Logee's, I'd be out there every week. Be sure to tell us about it as it grows!

Mine was tiny when I got it last summer, but it came with a few buds and put out two flowers in the first few days. It's a grower, as Ispahan says. I'll bet yours is in a 10" pot by Sept. BTW, it retains a graceful shape, growing wide as well as taller, so it doesn't get long and lanky.

You'll love it.

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I have an indoor Orange Jasmine from logees over 1 year now and it blooms but now some will bloom and others dry up before it opens. I don't know why; anyone have this problem? I will post a pic if needed

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Mine are growing and blooming prolifically right now, but we are in the rainy season. Maybe where you are located, the air is too dry.

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