New to Geraniums, not much growth, nothing like pics I've seen

kimcocoJuly 27, 2010

I purchased some clearance Bloody Cranesbill last fall and planted in full sun, somewhat dry soil - I supplement water, clay soil. They haven't spread much, if at all - I thought these plants were supposed to spread/grow quickly?

I have the Sanguineum variety, if they were marked propertly on the clearance rack. They're pink blooming, one is white (wasn't supposed to be).

They have flowered, but the foliage is spindly on most of them. Two of them seem to be doing okay, the others look as pathetic as they did late last fall. I cut them back after flowering, as I read you are supposed to do, and they have bloomed again.

Tell me next year they will be better....

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Sure they will!! :-)) Like any other type of perennial, first year results are generally somewhat underwhelming when compared to what the plants will produce once fully established. There is a common garden saying that applies to perennials - "the first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap". Patience when gardening is always rewarded :-)

It also sounds like your planting conditions are not exactly ideal. Most hardy geraniums are less happy in a clay soil than they are in one that has some added fertility/texture and improved drainage. And with the exception of some specific species, dry soil conditions are not very desireable. If you can bump up soil quality so that it is well draining yet moisture retentive and with increased fertility, you may get more positive results.

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Good to know.

They had - I want to say rust spots on them, or maybe it was just from the sun??? - I treated with Bayer 3 in 1 systemic, and they're starting to look better.

I noticed some nursery tags just say Geranium Sanguineum, and no name, one flowered white this season, either it was mistagged or Sanguineum's come in different colors? All ther others are pink.

I just purchased three more, these were labeled "Vision".

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

There is a white one 'sanguineum album'. It grows in a looser, more upright fashion than the dark pink/magenta ones, so you might want to change it's planting position accordingly. There is also a very pale pink one, but it grows in the typical flatter form. 'Vision' is a typical near-magenta cultivar.

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