Here is my geranium... no. of cuttings?

frank325July 3, 2008

Here are two geraniums I bought at Walmart early this summer and potted together. Not really my main question, but in a pot this size, should I NOT have potted them together to fill it up? Would each of them gotten much larger if potted in their own pots this same size? Or is filling up the pot ok?

My main question is, how many cuttings late in the summer do you think I would get from something this size? I'm completely new to this, and at first I thought maybe you could root the leaves. But from what I've read, you have to take a stem cutting. Is that the only way? The stems seems pretty big, and if you can only take one cutting per stem, they aren't as plentiful as I originally thought.

Note, I did just finish deadheading spent blooms, so the blooms are a little uneven this close up.

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I assume they were bought in 4.5" pots and are zonal type not seed geraniums. First plant each individually in a 10" pot. remove all flowers and buds never let the plants bloom and pinch out the centers of each stem. Barring extreme heat you will be able to take 3-6 cuttings form each plant by mid August. Keep dis budding and pinching until late fall and you will be able to remove 20 or more cutting from each plant... Goodluck ... Bob.

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Well, the purpose of buying them was so I could see them bloom :-P So I'll take fewer cuttings in the end if that's what the cost of letting them bloom is. Even if I only got 2 or 3 from each plant, that's fine with me. Just was curious how many one could get from this.

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From the healty appearance of that plant you probably have 3 of 4 cutting right now. You only need a shoot tip with two leaves. I take cutting with shoot stems as short as one inch... Bob.

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I decided to put them in their own pots, the same size as picture. One is much more fuller, the other is kind of flattened, so it's full one way but not the other... looks like a mohawk in the pot! Will it grow out on its own alright? Or is there a way to encourage it to fill up more on two sides.

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when you take cuttings do you use rooting hormone on cuttings?

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You don't need to use rooting hormone but can use a weak fungicide solution to prevent stem rot. Cuttings should begin to root in 7 days...Bob.

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