WANTED: Sinningia speciosa (florist gloxinia)questions

taras1January 11, 2014

I have florist gloxinias Sinningia speciosa in purple with white edges and red with white edge.

Looking for other colors I do not have.
I am willing to share rooted leaf cuttings if it can be shipped?, and when weather gets warmer only.
Anyone have other colors for me?

why is Sinningia speciosa hard to find now?

I purchased tubers easily 15-20 years ago.

Has anyone imported them from Brazil?
Is this allowed and how?

Does Sinningia speciosa (florist gloxinia) come from other places?

Is this the problem it is hard to find if importing is not allowed?

thanks borzoib@verizon.net

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I sent you an email.

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