gardenia leave edges turning brown

amaloJuly 14, 2007

Hi! I have a gardenia which has been quite healthy with blooming flowers. Recently the leaves have started developing brown/black edges, especially the new growth. There is no yellowing of leaves only black/brown on the edges of some of the leaves, the rest of the plant seems to be very green and healthy and growing a lot of new leaves. Does this mean that the soil is too alkaline? should it be more acidic? Does that mean I should add more epsom salts? I did that about 2 weeks ago, is it ok to do it again? Can anyone suggest aything else? thanks in advance for any replies. Amal

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Don't add more anything!

Leaf browning at the edges is often a sign of too much fertilizer or salts at the roots, so go easy on it. I can also mean it's drying out too quickly and may need a bit more shade.

As long as the rest of the plant is healthy, don't make drastic changes; if the leaves start yellowing or dropping, then it may be root rot or a dozen other things -- fellow gardenia martyrs, please jump in!


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My tree is also having these brown tips to some leaves and i dont know what im doing wrong here. its in a shaded place so thats ruled out. as for fertilizer im not using any at the moment so that leaves salt at roots. how to get rid of that?

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Hi my gardenia leaves sometimes become yellow i wonder why? can anyone tell pls?

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azjoni gardenias have been in the garage with a window open for sunlight because it freezes and snows here in the winter and the garage stays fairly warm. They did great all winter. Took them all out of the garage and placed them on the porch with northern exposure - 2 smaller plants with slightly more sun - and those 2 potted in smaller pots have suddenly started with the browning of leaves. The leaves are only brown - no yellowing - along the outer edge of the leaf. TOO MUCH WATER? TOO MUCH SUN???

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Too much 'salt':-(

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