WANTED: Lots of Kohleria! Have Kohleria, episcia and violets to

Ceropegia00February 27, 2012

I've gotten into growing kohlerias quite a bit lately and I have a long list of hybrids (and a few species) I'd like to try. Here's what I'm looking for:

Bristol's First Born

Marquis de Sade


Mother's Lipstick

An's Nagging Macaws




Bibbi (I really want this one!)

An's Dice Dots




If you have either rhizomes or plantlets of these let me know! I have the following available to trade:


Queen Victoria

Green Goblin

Lucky Lucifer

Jardin de Monet

Episcia (stolons and plantlets)

Blue Nile (can only spare 1 plantlet at the moment)

Silver skies

Several unknown hybrids...one is possibly Pink Acajou...I can send descriptions and photos if interested.

Saintpaulia (leaves and a few plantlets)

Too many hybrids to name here! I have both semiminiatures and standards. I can give you a list if you want some. I can provide leaves of all and I have plantlets of Sunkissed Rose, Irish Laughter, California Victory, and one plantlet of Jean-Pierre Croteau at the moment.

Randomly, I also have rooted cuttings of Ceropegia woodii, both the standard and variegated cultivars.

I can provide photos of any plants in question if you are interested! I look forward to trading with you. :)

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Have nothing you want. Do have some common gesneriads and Ceropegia. Let me know it we might trade. Yale

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