Did the very cold weather do any damage to your shrubs?

frankielynnsie(7B)March 21, 2014

I walked the yard today to look at the damage we suffered. The gardenias are burned with many brown leaves--regular and daisy flowering. Some form of viburnum with evergreen oval leaves has lost more than half of its leaves. I think everything will recover but they look very sad.

I want to start cleaning out beds but since we are suppose to get cold nights next week I am holding off.

My peach trees are blooming. Can they be protected by covering with a sheet?

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I had planted three Lady Banks Roses along my fence early last fall and I am very suprised to see that they are growing like mad.
At the same time I also planted a row of small boxwoods, only about a foot tall, they have some damage. Should I wait until they get a little growth before I trim them?

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Sorry -- I'm in Texas and replied before I saw this was GA.

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I think I may have lost a eucalyptus that's 4 or 5 years old and stands about 15 feet tall. It's all orangey red tan colored now and very crispy. I was hoping it was old enough now to withstand a harder winter. It kept freezing off until two winters ago when it kept growing. Then a year ago, it kept going. I think this winter did it in. I'll wait a while before I really declare it gone.

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It also got my gardenia. I am waiting to see if it recovers.

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I was planning to look for a eucalyptus to plant. And hoping it could make it through the winter here. What size was yours when planted? Fifteen feet is good size. I would like to know how much it grew each year, how fast. Maybe it will have new growth, I hope so! Let us know.

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I think I got the eucalyptus at Lowe's. I've tried a few times. But I don't remember it being more than maybe 24 inches tall at the most. Pencil thin stem. It died back to the ground a couple of years. It must have been planted in either spring 08 or 07. It would grow 4 or 5 feet in a year. More once it got through the winter. So I believe it grew in 2011, survived that mild winter, then grew in 2012 and that winter, and in 2013. All without dying back. The base must be 3 inches across now. I have my fingers crossed. There are others in the area that have been around for a lot longer than mine. One is tucked right up next to a house. Another is sort out in the open like mine is.

I left water dripping in the house 16 nights in January. That means it was forecast to be 25 or less overnight on those nights. And it got there most of those nights. In the last two winters, I think I left it dripping 4 nights each. Never seen it this cold this long around here. Where's that global warming when you need it? :-)

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Aquae(7 GA)

Two nights ago when the temperatures dipped into the upper-20s, one of my nikko blue hydrangeas suffered a bit of cold damage to some leaves. I have two and covered them both up, but for one I only had a flimsy sheet and it apparently wasn't quite enough! It was only several leaves though so the plant's fine. :) Either way I'm so tired of this cold weather! I wish Spring would hurry up! :)

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vicki7(z7 N.Ga.)

I have some gardenias that have suffered some damage, but I think they'll recover. But I'm pretty sure my daphne is dead. I've had it for several years in a huge pot on the back porch. I should have covered it during the worst cold, but didn't. I'll definitely be getting another one, they smell heavenly when they bloom.

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buford(7 NE GA)

My gardenias look burnt, but otherwise ok. I do think I have lost some roses. Time will tell.

My rosemary, which I've had for 10 years died. I didn't think anything could kill it.

I know most of this was due to the Polar Vortex, it got down to 0 one night in my yard. Beyond zone 7 cold hardiness. I brought in all my pots for the worst of the cold, so they are ok.

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