Night blooming jasmine

cookiekJuly 27, 2008

I have night blooming jasmine that I planted in full sun 2 weeks ago. They are just starting to bloom. They look healthy in the early morning and at night, but in the heat of the day they are droopy and very wilted. I am not sure if they can survive the direct sun in my San Diego inland valley yard. I heard that they will adjust, but it seems like the stress will get to them. Should I move them to shade or wait it out?

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Any plant that has recently been transplanted and has undergone some root damage needs to be placed in partial sun or in the shade while still recovering.

Nightblooming jasmine can tolerate full sun (at least in my tropical climate) if the plant is already well established. Wait a few more weeks when you see vigorous growth (lots of new young leaves and buds already maturing and new buds growing) before you place your plant in full sun. When you do so, do it gradually, sort of like of moving an ICU patient into a regular private room and finally into the home.


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