WANTED: Interesting, unusual or uncommon species Gesneriads

mark4321_gwJune 18, 2012


I'm looking for interesting species Gesneriads. One in particular is Lysionotus pauciflorus. Others include such plants as Nematanthus corticola, Columnea orientandina and Kohleria warszewiczii. In theory I'm mostly looking for outside growers. My growing area includes a region that should be essetially frost-free in our climate. However, nights around 40 are common.

I could send a list of species that I grow, if interested. In general I would prefer to root cuttings here prior to sending.

I only grow a handful of Gesneriads right now: Mitraria coccinea, Moussonia elegans, Nematanthus brasiliensis, and an unidentified Kohleria. I could root cuttings of any but the Kohleria, as that is just emerging from dormancy.

Other Genera that I grow include the folowing:

Agapetes: hosseana, serpens, serpens 'Nepal Cream', smithiana Major.

Begonia: boliviensis, kellermanii (hybrid?), luxurians, 'Gryphon'.

Deppea: splendens, obtusiflora.

Fuchsia: x bacillaris, boliviana Alba, denticulata, procumbens, 'First Success'.

Heterocentron: elegans, floribunda

Impatiens: flanaganae, grandis Rosa, morsei, namchabarwensis, paucidentata

+ many other genera.

I think of the above, cuttings could be rooted of all but Impatiens paucidentata (a small plant, this could change soon) and Begonia 'Gryphon'(the rhizome is too short).

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