Bird of Paradise Question

eemedrelytApril 14, 2012


I bought a Bird of Paradise about 2 weeks ago. It is doing really well. I got it from a nursery that gets some of their plants from green houses and some from fields. My Bird of Paradise was being kept in a partial shaded place, so when I brought it home I put it outside where it gets a lot of indirect sunlight. Today I found something on one of its leaves, and I'm not sure what caused it. Here is a picture of it

Sorry I have no clue how to make a hyperlink.But anyway, what do you think the yellowish/see through spot is on the biggest leaf?

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Posting your picture of BOP so all can see.

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Could be sun scorched. If it was in a green house it needs to be harden off a few hours at a time to the sun. Till it gets to the point it can take all day sun. That is what it will need to bloom well. :o)

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most of the birds sold now in the big boxes are shade grown, it will acclimate itself to full sun. hang in there, this one is ten more years old, nice winter!

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