looking for miniture Geranium

peonyroselover123August 10, 2013

I am looking miniature pelargonium. I have lots of stand pelargonium, fancy leaf and rosebud to exchange

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I grew a scented geranium this summer which stayed small and compact, no larger than 10 inches high, and about the same in width. It is called 'old spice' scented geranium. I do not know if that is considered 'miniature' but that may be something you might want to keep your eyes peeled for. We have short summers (3.5 months) so maybe that had something to do with it's small size.

Since you are in the US we could not exchange plant material (darn).

What dimensions makes a pelargonium a mini?

What colour rosebud do you have? (I have the red, and appleblossom).

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Patty zone 5

If you search for Hobbs farm, they sell all kinds of geraniums and only ship within the US. They do have miniature geraniums on their list. I am not associated with them in any way, but wish I could be....I too live in Canada and cannot purchase from them.

Their description says: "Dwarfs usually don't exceed 8-9 inches tall and Miniature Geraniums are even smaller, about 5 inches tall"

Vernon Geraniums in UK also sell them and describe them as " they look the same as normal zonal geraniums but only grow to six to eight inches tall so are tiny".

kioni, may I ask where you got your rosebud geraniums? I think the few specialty geranium growers that used to be in BC are no longer open.

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Hi Patty. Two winters ago, while perusing the local kijiji site, I came across someone selling Tulip blossomed geraniums. I paid the seller a visit, and bought a couple. At the time she was desperately trying to find a rosebud in appleblossom and the shade of red. She'd had them before (purchased at a higher end garden centre in Calgary) and was unsuccessful in carrying them over the winter. Luckily she'd shared some cuttings with various neighbors and friends, and one offered her some back. She's been on a mission to share these hard to find varieties so that is why she shared. So this year, by chance, I happened across her ad again; this time she was giving away cuttings. She found trying to sell them was too much work (she's near 80!). I took what she offered, an appleblossom and the red rosebud. She appears to know her geraniums, so although the cuttings didn't have blooms, I trust what she says she's given me. Time will tell!

Sometimes the oddest places will sell rarer items. I first saw the rosebud appleblossom when I passed someone carrying a couple from the store. Besides the colour being new to me, it was the way each individual blossom on the bloom head was like a little rose. The person had picked them up from the makeshift greenhouse at the Zellers 2 blocks away! That would have been a good 10 years ago.

They are still out there. It's just a bit more of a hunt to find them.

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Patty zone 5

Thanks Kioni!

If I can't find any and yours get big enough would you be interested in an exchange maybe next year?

I don't have any rosebud types but do have access to some scented ones plus a few I like such as Stardom Orange bicolour and a pink picotee.

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Patty: Sure! If they survive my care of them through the winter!

I will need instructions/guidance on how to prepare the cuttings for mail. I've read not to send in soil, but maybe that is for crossing the US border.

And I should probably let them bloom to be certain they are a rosebud.

I'm in Alberta. How far do they have to travel?

What types of scented ones might you be able to obtain?

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Patty zone 5

That would be great. :)

I haven't sent any geraniums by mail but have sent schlumbergera (another favourite of mine).

Because of the thick stems of geraniums, I think they should send fine through mail either as cuttings or bareroot/with some soil. Spring or fall temps are probably the best though so plant material doesn't freeze or bake in transit.

I am in Ontario.

As for scented geraniums, I personally have apricot scented (although I am not sure where they got that name from as I do not smell apricot at all!) which has a beautiful quite large flower. I will post a picture later when I am at home.

I also have variegated Prince Rupert which has tiny variegated lemony smelling leaves.

I have a citronella geranium too which has
But a garden center here has several other varieties as well. I could make a trip out there and get a list.


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Patty zone 5

Oops, lost the end of sentence about citronella.

It should have indicated that this version I have has the more thinly lobed leaves as I have seen 2 types called "citronella" sold here. One has fuller leaves and this one has the thinner lobes.

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Patty zone 5

Here is the Apricot scented geranium flower.....

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Oh my goodness, I love the colour. I see a bit of coral in it?

That is more incentive to pamper the ones I've got so they make it through to spring! They are looking good now, and the red is setting up some buds, so I will let it bloom to make sure. Thanks Patty. I will send you a private email sometime in February or March about mailing, though with our weather, mid to late April may be a safer timeframe (or early May!). I would think I'd need to check the weather all along the mail route to be sure the time is good.

Thanks to the original poster asking about miniature geraniums, and somehow it has morphed to be a wonderful gift for me! I hope the origianl poster has had positive luck locating some in her area.

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Patty zone 5

Yes, I was thinking I kind of highjacked her thread. I am sorry for that, peonyroselover123.

Please peonyroselover123 do let us know if you found any that you were looking for.


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My flowers

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Patty zone 5

very beautiful! Thanks for posting the pic!

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grandmasgarden(7A AR)

I have several varieties of mini geraniums. I would be happy to trade cuttings. May even have a rooted one or two. This photo is Orion, taken yesterday, it is actually more red.

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Grandmasgarden, I think we can exchange cuttings like April or May depend on the weather. I am so sorry for replying you right now. Is it too late ??? Do you have any dwarf varieties???

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