Potted Gardenia ?

carmie2(Z5)July 11, 2006

I have a beautiful huge bush like potted(4 feet tall) Gardenia plant that is getting to big to bring indoors every fall.

Can anyone please tell me if I can trim it and grow it like a tree?

Thanks for your time!

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Slowly does it! A general trimming can be suggested but sometimes it's like the blind leading the blind. The plant may or
may not lend itself to be trained in such a way. Often too, Gardenia are wonderful repeat bloomers and likely will bloom
again in fall. That is one thing to keep in mine.

Until someone from a similar climate zone jumps in and shares their opinion I would want to selectively reduce the plant
size and eliminate that long and leggy growth after the plant had already finished blooming.

I would also take the opportunity to have a good and closer look at the plant and prepare for the fun event up coming in
the spring.

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ankraras, Thank you! I will trim/Prum slowly!

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