A young hobby grower of pelargonium from China

Devon_KnightAugust 10, 2013

Hey guys, I am a very devoted young pelargnium hobby grower from China, almost spending all my leisure time on the very small balcony of my dorm (and my neighbor's...) taking care of my plants. It may impress you as weird that my major is related to science and engineering.However, most of my of interest and passion are always reserved for my flowers, more than anything else. Maybe one thing should be excluded from "anything else", that is English.. I am a crazy English learner as well, at least used to be.
So I hope sincerely that I could be one active member of this forum and embark on a fantastic journey as everything here is novel for me.
Here is one of my favorite pictures I took for my flowers. A stellar pelargonium named Jean Caws. Hope guys would enjoy it!

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I love it,gorgeous plant.TFS

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Would like to trade seeds with ya. I'm into the species Pelargoniums. I'm looking for over-seas friend to trade back and forth. I have other succulent seeds to trade also. I'm looking for Pelargonium seeds (species) type, like otidia and horea type of Pelargoniums
Live in Iowa USA

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