What's eating my geraniums??

layneev(z6 CT)August 1, 2007

In May I planted a number of hardy geraniums in a big new bed under a large sugar maple, along with epimediums, alchemilla, tiarella, a few others. Everything seemed to be going fine, lots of blooms, etc. Over a couple of weeks I began to notice that there weren't as many blossoms, or leaves, and now I see that SOMETHING has eaten just about every leaf of three Johnson's Blue, one Nimbus, one Rozanne, two or three macrorrhizums. Several more macrorrizums (Spessart and Album) seem okay, not blooming so much any more but not totally without leaves! The three Biokovos look nibbled on but not totally eaten. But the Johnson's Blues, Nimbus and Rozanne look like spider plants! It does look as if a few new leaves are coming in. None of the other plants seem affected. I've been watering regularly when we don't get rain, to try to get everything established. I don't see any slugs or sign of slugs. We do have deer, but not this close to the house (usually....), and I've sprayed the new plants a couple of times this year with Deer Solution so nothing (so far...) has been eaten, and I think if it was a deer the whole plant would be eaten, not just the leaves delicately nibbled off. Anyway, any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you all!

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I found rabbits eating my Rozanne earlier this year. I started using an organic hot pepper spray that I found at my local garden center. It took a little while, but I think those pesky rabbits got the hint. I've had rabbit issues here and there before, but it seems like there were more small cottontails hanging around this year.

Good luck!!


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layneev(z6 CT)

You know, I DO see rabbits in my yard, that definitely could be it. It's so funny, though, that they would be so delicate and picky, the little rascals, just nibbling off the exact leaves they like! But thanks, Karen, for the hot pepper idea, I'm going to try that, I'll look for it at my little local nursery, they often have organic things. Maybe it will discourage the bunnies from starting on the NEW leaves coming up. Thank you!

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Ah, I had the same problem with my geraniums. I consulted with a local nursery owner. He said it would be catapillars, which are, he said, green and small. I flipped leaves and looked carefully, and yes, I found the culprits! You will be surprised by the number of the goons attaking each pot.
I sprayed organic catapillar spray which does not affect other good bugs per his recommendation.
My geranium that turned from green flowering healthy plant into a haggard eaten-up little plant with a few pathetic leaves--brown and nibbled up--rebounded. Still not seeing too many flowers but the leaves got green, round and abundant.

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We have rozellas all year round but come Autumn they start eating my geraniums down to the ground,is this a diet thing?

Any suggestions.

Thanks Alan

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