Overwintering ivy geranium

turkeyfarmAugust 7, 2005

I have a hanging basket with 3 ivy geranium plants that have been blooming beautifully outside all summer. I would like to save it over for next year. Can I bring it in the house before frost and keep it in a summy window? If so, should I prune

it back. or should it cut it all the way back and let it rest out of the sun for the winter? Thanks for any advice.

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Mayflyon(z5/6 MI)

I kept ivy geraniums over for years. I keep them dry in my cold garage in their pots. If they start to grow I put them under a shoplight. They store almost as well as zonals.
The only pelargoniums I can keep indoors are scenteds, I don't know why! :) Taking cuttings and keeping the cuttings in your brightest light might work indoors.

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I was searching to find more info on keeping Geraniums over the winter as well. Can either of you back up a bit and be more specific about how to accomplish this? (ie temps, watering, lighting, types of geraniums that have good luck over wintering?)
A huge thank you in advance!

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They can take alot of cold. I'm no expert but I've managed to carry them over keeping them in a unheated sun room. I stuck the pots in old coolers filled with stryo peanuts and if the temps went into the teens I'd cover them with a blanket. They looked awful in Spring, but recovered and were huge. It's work, but sometimes it's worth it.

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