Star jasmine leaves turning red, help?

roberta_mac(5/6)July 18, 2007

My husband bought me this beautiful star jasmine for our anniversary in May. And with a little reading, I've kept very good care of it. Until this week it seems, the leaves are turning red! We've had a very dry, hot summer, so I've watered it every other, once every three days since June, and it didn't do this, the care I've given it hasn't changed at all. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, here are the pictures:

I love this plant, and hope to add more jasmine in the future, so any help would be great! Thanks in advance.


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Are you fertilizing it occasionally with an organic fertilizer? I'm using algoflash, it's great!

The plant looks beautiful otherwise, are you going to pot it for the winter?

I'd fertilize it and see if that helps it any....

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Star jasmine, as it grows, loses its lower leaves; they often turn red before they drop. Nothing to get upset about, just don't pour on the water and fertilizer in an attempt to perk it up, you'll end up risking burned or rotten roots.

Think of it as a bit of added color instead of a drawback!


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Mersiepoo- If it starts to look worse, I'll have to give the fertilizer a try. And yes, I plan on repotting it for the winter. (Oh my goodness yes, a $50.00 plant? Do people really buy these just for the summer and then let them die? I'll start up a collection!)

jimshy- I think you're right, because otherwise it is a healthy plant. I was just freaking out because this is something new to me. When you look at it, the extra color does make it look nice.

Thanks for the advise!

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I have one that refuses to bloom indoors or out in full sun. Any suggestions. And yes, I have given it a fertilizer for flowering plants and roses.

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Over the last 25 years about 8 star jasmine plants have covered our fence. In the last 3 years, we having been losing one or two each year. The leaves turn a gorgeous red in the fall-winter, fall off completely, and the plant never recovers. Age? Only the older plants are doing this. Roberta's plant does not at all look like ours in full color. The color of her one visible red leaf is a bright orange red. All our leaves turn deep red-magenta.

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I'd say it's a root problem, with the older plants' roots hitting a layer of clay or something that they don't like, do you know what your soil composition is, or do you have any similar problems with older plants up and dying on you?

It's also possible that the plants are just hitting the end of their natural life cycle, but my impression is that star jasmine can last for decades, so that doesn't seem right. Do all the plants turn red in winter, or just the ones that die? What's the minimum winter temperature you've been having, sometimes a cold, wet snap can damage the roots.

Hope this provides some clues, and we can stop the mysterious die-off before they all go!


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Had same problem. Nursery expert said to ease off the water. I was watering too much, because of nearby plants that needed it. Established jasmine don't need so much. Result: bye-bye red leaves.

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Hi Sore Muscles,

Do you mean that the red leaves turned green again? I hope so - I have a 10 yr old star jasmine which has gone completely red. It's one of 3 against a fence and is the only one which has gone red. I'm hoping that it can be reversed as it's taken me 10 years to get them this size!!

I'm in London UK so the winters aren't too bad here.

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I have the same problem with two of my 3 large star jasmine. They turn red then drop its leaves. Even at the top. If it's a root problem how can I fix it? I planted them in the ground during the winter while the ground was soft enough dig a hole. It's spring and they started once the warm weather set in.

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