rust colored water

lucy9999July 18, 2006

I planted a gardenia plant in a ceramic pot, was used and given to me I then noticed rust colored water draining into the drain saucer. It has happened everytime I water the plant. I then repotted the grardenia in a plastic container and again the same thing happened. When I washed the inside of the old pot no rust colored water was visible. What is the problem my pot or the plant and if so why is this happening. I repotted with miracle grow potting mix this time.

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The funny colored water could be from the soil. Sometimes the organic material that was contained in the mix has not yet
been completely broken down and/or any potting mix product that contains a high volume of peat base, sludge and manure.

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Have been hoping someone would offer suggestions for this. I've had it happen, too, but sorry to say for me it's always associated with root rot, and all I've ever been able to save were cuttings. Hope it was something else for you and your plant survived...?!

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