URGENT arabian jasmine help

chirdi358July 1, 2014

Just transplanted my MOO jasmine from hydroponics to a good quality potting compost as well as a few other plants. However I have a few concerns. Firstly 3 buds are limp and wilted (the ones directly in front of you in the photo) but the rest are fine. What is causing this? Also some of the leaves are slightly paler and yellow and this occurred before the transplant, one more thing, is it dangerous if the plastic pot is warm to the touch? Will it damage the roots?

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I think it is just trying to adapt to its new setting.water carefully, and keep it in warm but not hot place in shade for few days until you see the plant perking up. These are tough plants and will do well.

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They are better now, but one of the leaves has become slightly crusty and discoloured :( I guess ill see how it goes, thanks for the help :)

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