Regal Pelargonium stunted? pix

ccdxAugust 18, 2007

I planted 4 Regal Pelargonium 'Maiden Rose Pink' in May and they absolutely exploded in blooms and size, bloomed 3 times over although I never deadheaded them. On the advise of a friend I deadheaded them in mid-July and I guess I must have done something wrong because they've stopped blooming altogether and just have bare stubs on the ends of the stems. Only a couple of little buds have formed.

Something also appears to be eating the leaves, I'm going to get some Bayer 3-in-1 because EVERYTHING in my backyard is being eaten by something: roses - whiteflies, hibiscus - whiteflies/aphids/ants, cannas - caterpillars. grrrr... but that is another thread...

here are larger views of the plants, the last is a close up of the stubby stems. what did I do? :(

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ps - forgot to complain about the mealybugs on my mandevillas and hoyas too LOL >:(

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I've tried Regal geraniums twice several years ago. When it would get hot, they just didn't bloom. The foliage was fine, but no flowers. Then I read that they bloom very little or not at all when the heat of summer sets in. They have beautiful flowers, but I want something that can take the hot weather.


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ahhh, perhaps that explains it! thank you :-)

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