razorback33(z7)March 2, 2009

Hybanthus concolor. Anyone growing this member of the Violet Family?

Have an opportunity to obtain some of these, but after determining that is was indeed a violet, became a little apprehensive, since I have a multitude of Violets all over the garden and can't seem to make any headway in removing them. Then I remembered the Birdfoot Violet, a quiet little member of the Family, that makes an attractive addition to any native garden collection.

But is this one as composed and non-aggressive?

The plant - This is a Violet?

The flower - Interesting....

What's your opinion?

It is a Georgia native.


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vicki7(z7 N.Ga.)

Green flowers just have never been my 'cup of tea', but as you say, it does look interesting. I fight the invasive wild violets every year in my yard too. Maybe you could try some in an area kinda separated from everything else in case they do get a little too enthusiastic about multiplying. That way it would be easier to get rid of them without disturbing other plants.
By the way, I appreciate you, ESH, and some of the others who post on here frequently. I've learned a lot from you guys!

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I have no experience (or familiarity) with this one, Rb. It certainly is a modest looking plant. I googled around but didn't see any comments about it being aggressive/weedy. However, that may just be due to the fact that people don't invite into their garden.

I do love the Bird's Foot Violet - such pretty foliage and such a bold flower. I have had some trouble keeping it around, despite it's love of plain of clay soil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bird's Foot violet gallery page

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