Blooming, end of July.

birdsnbloomsJuly 28, 2013

Blooming in July is too long..takes several minutes to open... :)

Here's a few pics I snapped yesterday.

Hoya multiflora



Can't recall if I posted this WEED in the other thread

Milkweed has a very very strong scent. This weed grows about 200 feet from the back door, yet, once I walk outside, the fragrance is noticed.


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Hi Tony,
Your phlox is so big! How old is it? I don't think
I ever saw one that big. I bet it smells heavenly.
Thanks for posting such nice pics. I have a few
things blooming, but they aren't neccesarily fragrant.
Nice to hear from you.

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Finally, the first open bloom from my MOO jasmine as of this morning - 34 buds to go. :)

Hi Toni!

I saw an abundance of open fragrant blooms over at Meyer_Mike's yesterday. He'd done me the favor of Picking me up a bag of Turface and I went to pick it up before he wasted to much gas driving around with it in the back of his car for weeks on end.

He's got so many beautiful plants in bloom and he's claimed to be to lazy to take pictures. I think if we nag him enough he may take some though. I'm especially fond of a fragrant peach colored lily in his back yard. He has a small patio right beside it, and one can sit and smell all the flowers - but that LILY is the most fragrant one of the batch right now. :)

I showed up in time for dinner and was treated to Mike's fabulous chef skills: some sort of crumb-crusted tilapia (he wouldn't tell me what the topping was), and a delicious salad with home grown tomatoes fresh picked from the garden.

And, then he packed me off with my turface, and 2 more jasmines; one that he'd propagated from clippings, and another. It seems that every time I visit I come home with more plants. He's quite a good friend to always spoil me; but I hope he realizes that I'm his friend even without the gifts. I'm hesitant to visit Mike too regularly because I have a feeling it might not be long that his greenhouse would be empty and I'd wonder where to put all these beauties when it turns to winter again. (Yes, isn't that what I always worry about?)

But, I have to admit that I'm pretty crazy about Mike's mother. I wish I could adopt her; but I don't think he'd let me. :) She's got quite the humorous streak. I don't think I ever laugh so much as when I talk with her. :)

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Hi Butterfly. Thank you.

It's strange about my Phlox. I bought a pink and white Phlox at HD
Can't recall the year purchased, possibly 2007/8.

Anyway, I transplated both Phlox near the right side of the front garden.

A pic of pink Phlox.

White Phlox was behind pink..for some reason white didn't grow as tall/wide as pink.

Here's the strange part. The following year, my 'pretty, boo hoo' pink was gone.
Don't know how it happened, but the same year pink died, a single branch of of white Phlox grew on the front, left side of garden. Alongside a different perennial.

The original white is alive where originally planted. In other words, there are two, white Phlox.
Because of it's pleasant scent, I won't rid either.
In fact, this summer I cut down the perennial where second, white Phlox popped up.

Would you have any idea how that happened????

I didn't know Phlox were different sizes?? What's the smallest?

Butterfly, please post pics of your flowering plants, even if they're not fragrant.
I started the thread, so it's okay. :)

Hey Rosie,

Wow, where to start?

Congrats on your MOO's bloom and 34 buds to come.

Your MOO's leaves are vivid green, sooo healthy and beautiful!

I had no idea you lived near Mike. What a treat that must have been.

Yes, Mike is great guy. Very generous, too.
I spoke to his mom a few times...she's so nice, and funny, too..What a sense of humor!
Mike is lucky to be blessed with a wonderful mom.
And, of course, others here, too. :)

Mike finds the nicest plants. Fragrant lily's and other garden perennials/bulbs, etc.
It was Mike who gave me the name of a scented Azalia called Mystery. It's too young to bloom, but I can't wait.

Guess Mike needs to be warned.
Hey, between you and me, we can take him.
We'll point a Lily petal to his head, tell him to snap pics or j/k of course.

Dinner to boot. Wow!
I'm not into fish, 'or most meat anymore,' but he and his mom were kind inviting you to dinner.

I haven't any idea the number of plants Mike has now, but I'm certain his house/outside if pretty packed.
If he handed out a plant the next three months, on a daily basis, he'd still have a house filled with plants. lol.

Although, like you said, he doesn't post as often as he once did.

It is true, Mike works hard. Between jobs and caring for his plants, I'm surprised he has time to sleep. lol.

Anyway, congrats on your new Jasmines. Hope they do well and grow into beautiful, fragrant, flowering greens. Toni

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My garden current fragrant blooms
Grandduke supreme

Rangoon creeper double

madagascar jasmine

plumeria 'divine'

jasmine molle

aglalia odorato

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great end of month thread!! I'd never heard of milkweed before!
I love the aglaia so packed with blooms 8-)

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How long will it take for this one to bloom? I saw the buds yesterday right after a quick downpour. The vine is in a 6" pot and already growing about 5 feet up ... And, finally - almost flowering. :)

A passion-flower. :)

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Here are my july blooms...

tube rose single

Golden celebration

Abraham Darby

Sweet summer hydrangea

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Morning All,

Kandhi, WOWEE! Your garden resembles a tropical paradise.
I see you're in z7..some plants look like they're planted in-ground. Are they?

I never heard/saw Rangoon until I found, GW's Fragrant Forum.
It's a beautiful vine. Flowers are unique. Are they fragrant?

Your Stephanotis looks huge. Bet it really scents the air.
Mind if I ask what type of care it gets?
I'm having problems w/mine.

Jasmine Molle is soooo colorful. Beautiful!

Wish my Aglaia looked as pretty as yours. Last year when mine bloomed, flowers weren't half as large or as yellow.

Hi Fenius. Someone on Flickr ID'd my Milkweed plant/weed. lol.
I then Googled Milkweed and found its botanical name. I also discovered, what I deemed, 'at times,' an invasive weed,' are sold in nurseries and Ebay.
The ease of their growth, I could be a zillionaire. lol.
Milkweed is endangered in some countries.

Hey Rose,

Sorry, can't answer your question.
In one of my old plant books, the author suggest cutting Passionvine stems, late Jan/Feb to 6" above soil line, 'something I could not do,' to promote flowering. got me thinking about New England. I've always wanted to visit the east coast.
It's not definate, but I'm thinking about heading east in autumn or next spring/summer.

Mike and I have been talking for years. I thought it'd be nice to finally meet him. I too would love to see his garden and indoor plants, too.
Plus meet his mom, who is a very nice woman.

Oh Rosie...I re-read your post. Didn't know your PV was in bud...A horse of a different color.

Time will tell. Are buds getting larger each day? Guess it depends on temps/sun..has it been sunny or grey?

Hi Bunti. I love Tuber Rose. Does it need lifting after flowers fade?

Beautiful Roses..Are they fragrant?

Your Hydrangeas are loaded with flowers! They're gorgeous!
Are they hardy?
Most Hydrangeas sold here are Florist Hydrangeas. Sold as gift plants, pot surrounded by notorius, colorful aluminum foil.. They're not hardy.
Most ppl toss their Hydranges after flowers die.

Also, hardy 'dranges here have different shaped/textured foliage, unlike leaves on your plant.

I once sowed a hardy Hydrangea took most of summer before germinating. Anyway, it lived for years, flowered in autumn months.
Foliage was stiff, not soft like those sold as gift plants.
I always wanted to work with pH so flowers were either pink or blue, but never got around doing

After 9 or so years, one of two things killed it. The 17-yr Cicadas, or a very, icy winter like 2012.

To be honest,, although mine bloomed, it didn't have half the flowers yours does. Toni

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Toni! How awesome that would be! I'd love to meet you! :) We could plan a gathering ... I'm sure I could cook something vegetarian for you. ARe you a vegan or will you eat cheese? Will you come with family? Or solo? What other things would you like to do in MA besides visit Mike and his mom? and Logees? ... :) You should come in the summer when his plants and flowers are outdoors and in bloom. :)

I'm already starting to plan a menu. Eggplant parm? sangria to knock your socks off? tiramisu? ... tempted yet? :)

The vine continues to grow, and grow ... the logees website had said it'd only get to about 5 feet long, but it's still growing and has already passed that. And at least 2 buds that I've noticed, so far. There may be more hidden among the leaves though.

I'll have no problem cutting her short at the end of the season because she won't thrive in my apartment among my small windows so I'll need to put her in a cooler spot to hibernate.

So, you coming? :)

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Toni, Thanks! None of my plants I posted are in ground, they are all in pots. I love the look of rangoon creeper plants whether it is single or double flower blooms. They are fragrant in the morning.

My stephanotis is 5ft tall plant in 3 gallon container, It is blooming every year without fail. The fragrance is awesome and flowers last longer. This is a very low maintenance plant. In summer I have to water it every day since it is rootbound. In winter I donot trim it as the new growth comes on old stems for bud/blooms. I fertilize it it in spring once.

Jasmine molle is 4ft tall plant in 5 gallon container, this year I root pruned it in early spring and It grew well and produced more blooms than last year.

Aglalia I moved this year from 1 to 2gallon container and it is in constant bloom since then.

I feed all my plants 1/4th tsp/gallon dyna gro foliage pro fertlizer once a week. This year all the plants are doing very well.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

There's a stray bloom on my 'main' Gardenia yard shrub. Mirabilis jalapa (4'o'clocks) are blooming, Lantana camara, butterfly bush (Buddleia,) that's about it for fragrance at the moment.

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From mike's gift, the nitidum jasmine opened. Flowers were stunning but only lasted one day.

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Howdy All,

Hi Rosey, lol. You're funny.

If I head east, I'll be solo. We have pets, so someone has to be here to feed, etc.
Besides, I've never went on vacation by myself..not really.

What do I plan on doing if I come down besides visiting Mike, Mike's mom and Logees? I don't know. lol.
I'd love to see the entire state, but that isn't possible. I always wanted to go to NY and New England states, but guess it wasn't meant to be.

I don't know if summer or fall would be better. I'd love seeing colorful fall, but I'd miss summer blooms.
NE states looks cozy during autumn. But, I don't like cold temps. Deciding which season is better is something I have to think about.

Maybe I've seen one too many Steven King movies. lol.

Oh Rosey, you don't have to cook for me. lol. I'm not a total vegan..I eat meat, but only certain types.
For instance, I enjoy ground beef and love a moist, tender rump roast w/gravy. lol. I make quite a few roasts in winter.

Actually, I dislike most vegan foods..I detest lettuce. Yuck.

Do vegan's not eat cheese? Are you serious? Why not?

Anyway, please don't worry about cooking. If I'm on vacation, the last thing I'll be thinkiing about is food. lol.

I always wanted to stay at a B&B, but don't know how costly they are. Would you know?

Gosh, it'd be so nice staying at a B&B, being served meals. Total luxury. :)
Plus meeting you, Mike, Mike's mom, and anyone else from GW.

Aw, Rose, you're so kind. BTW, I don't/can't drink. I'm on meds so drinking is out. Last time I drank was,hmm, 13-yrs ago at my brothers wedding. I got very sick after because of meds. And the drinks were watered-down fruit alcoholic beverages.

Rosey, your Passionvine has flower or leaf buds? Wow!
You'll have to tell me your secret growing PV's.

I imagine Logee's said 5' as an average. You know? This way, if it grows a little under 5', no big deal. But congrats...i'm glad your plant is doing well.

What month do you plan on trimming?
Rosey, do you know who Mr. Crockett from the original Victory Gardens is?
He also wrote plant books.
According to Mr Crockett, the best time to cut PV is late Jan or Feb.
I don't have the answer, and sure don't want to give the wrong advice.
My old PV sown from seed, grew to the ceiling and over, but, since I was afraid to trim, PV never bloomed..Not once..13-yrs old and no flowers.
Or maybe it didn't get enough fertilizer???

Will you winter your PV in darkness?
Doubt I'll winter any plants in shade anymore. My Desert Roses are pretty bare. The cold is also holding back growth. One is flowering, but no it looks sad.


Did you buy a Rangoon plant or sow from seed? If you bought the plant, can you say where it was purchased?

You think Stephs are easy? Wish I felt the same. lol. The last two attemps, but times, leaves dried. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
The room was very hot, 'no a/c' so maybe that's the reason?

Don't think my Aglaia bloomed yet. 2010 and 2011, it flowered late summer. Since last winter was colder than normal, and since temps have been pretty chilly, July and now Aug, may be the reason Aglaia hasn't flowered. Or, it migh not flower at all this year.

I have two types of Dyno-Gro..One for foliage plants, the second for flowering plants.
I never heard of the DG you have. You wrote, Dyno gro foliage per fertillzer. Do you mean you add DG plus another fertilizer?

Whichever, your plants are doing marvelous.

Hey Purple. When did your BB start blooming?
Normally, mine starts flowering, mid-July. I don't think there's one bud so far. Again, I'm certain lack of flowers is due to the coldest winter ever and chilly July/Aug.

Rosey, wow,, your Jasmine floweres are pretty! I've never seen a Jasmine w/star-shaped petals. Then again, I haven't seen most Jasmine since I kill them. lol.

Is it normal these blooms last one day??? Like Hibiscus.
Was the Jasmine divided from Mike's plant?

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Everyone had such nice flowers! This thread is dangerous lol. So many plants I need.

My Arabian Jasmine is finally blooming! I got this guy last year for $1. There were three good roots, and two leaves on a 4" stem. I'm quite happy and can't wait for it to " leap" next year.

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Hello everyone and Toni and You guys are crazy and thank you Rose for sharing such a good time we had...

Anyone here is always welcome to brouse my plants and have a bite at the same time..

Beautiful pictures all and great conversation...

Wanted to say thank you


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Everyone had such nice flowers! This thread is dangerous lol. So many plants I need.

My Arabian Jasmine is finally blooming! I got this guy last year for $1. There were three good roots, and two leaves on a 4" stem. I'm quite happy and can't wait for it to " leap" next year.

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Grand duke, which I thought I killed, made a comeback. These flowers have been developing for weeks! the suspense is killing me!

I really wish my phone would stop double posting.

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My fragrant camellia ( long out of bloom) made a seed pod.... I think

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Toni, I bought my rangoon creeper last year from zone 9 tropicals . I asked them whether it is a cutting or seedling they said it is from cutting. I did note expect blooms this year but it is a surprise for me to see the plant bloom so fully. Seedlings take several years to bloom.

I bought one stephanotis from TT long time ago that never bloomed for me, I had to get rid of it. The current plant I have is from homedepot where I bought it with buds/blooms. It blooms every year without fail and it is one of the best low maintenance plant I have.

Where did you buy your aglalia from? The fertlilizer I user is dyna_gro foliage pro.

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Nobile dendrobium. Tag says Christina Princess. Which I suspect is a trade name. Lovely soft fragrance. Very light, but definitely a wafter.

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Nobile dendrobium. Tag says Christina Princess. Which I suspect is a trade name. Lovely soft fragrance. Very light, but definitely a wafter.

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From mike's gift, the nitidum jasmine opened. Flowers were stunning but only lasted one day.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi everyone!!!!


Hi MIke, Rosey, Toni , Khandi and everyone!!!

Love all of the beautiful pics...

Been busy, but I need to post soon!!

Miss you guys...



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Hi Laura, great to see you on this forum! I am looking forward for your pics on plumeria forum.. Has your polyanthus tuberose bloomed yet, myne is blooming now. I bet everything is growing well for you..

miss you too..


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