What's wrong with these geraniums?

westmanor(usda9)August 17, 2004

Last year I planted a few different kinds of geraniums. Some in the ground , some in pots. They all did great until a couple of weeks ago. regardless of the location and the soil condition their leaves started to curl upwards almost like shrinking.With or without watering didn't make a difference. They eventually stopped flowering. I pulled out the curled leaves but even the new ones came out curled and stayed very small.I can't see any insects or mites on them.

I used to think geraniums were easy to grow but now I'm puzzled. Does anyone have any ideas?

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corrected link

Here is a link that might be useful: picture

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Leaves curling as yours could possibly be a virus - "Symptoms of these types of diseases are nonspecific and can look like symptoms caused by many other disease agents. General symptoms include stunting, yellowing, curling or twisting of leaves and stems, distorted leaves and fruit, mosaics, mottles, and ring spots."

But I would suspect nutritional deficiency caused by too high a ph. Since both containerized and bedded plants are affected, do you by any chance know the PH of your water? I don't have to worry about acidity here...we're acid - soil, water, plenty of natural irrigation in mildly acidic rain. But I believe the highest PH for optimum geranium growth is 6 - 6.3.

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The plant on the right might benefit from being cut back. New shoots should grow out from the base if you cut it back to three or four inches.

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hi, to me it looks like heat stress and some of the leaves also looked scorched? if it is heat stress they will recover once the weather cools down and the leaves will plump up again, but if your summers are quite hot they will do better in a spot where they will get some shade during the day, especially by late afternoon.

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