Grafted or cutting grown Michelia champaca source?

Ispahan Zone6a ChicagoJuly 20, 2010

I am really interested in obtaining a Michelia champaca that was produced by using a graft or a cutting from a mature specimen, but every one that I have found online seems to be a young seed grown plant. I don't want to wait years for a young seedling to be old enough to flower. Does anyone here know of a source for cutting grown or grafted Michelia champaca?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Bump. If anyone does ever find a source, please post here to let us know :-)

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It is a fast grower. I got one last year and planted in ground. It was 1-1/12 feet. Now it is close to 4 feet.. HTH..

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t0p tropicals in ft meyers, fl has the regular orange Michelia champaca which I believe is seed grown. They also have grafted michelia champaca x alba which I planted out at maybe 4 feet and one year later is at least 15. It is a wonderful tree, I have it near the front door and am rewarded with it's wonderful scent a few times a year.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Hi Isphahan,
There is a dwarf form that the Thais call Champa Kraeh or Champa Malay (meaning Dwarf Champaca or Malay Champaca). I think you can find it on eBay right now. Here is a blog post in Thai, but you can see lots of pictures:

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Hi Musaboru,

Thank you for the information! I have had my eye on the dwarf champaca on eBay. It looks like it could be really interesting. Also, I have it from a very good authority that what the same seller has listed as Michelia alba 'Golden' might actually be a variant of M. champaca sometimes known as M. champaca var. Sinuan. The seller does not have the plant mislabeled, since it is described as M. alba 'Golden' in a well-known and respected Thai book about magnolias. But some authorities do not believe this plant is M. alba and align it with M. champaca. Since it looks like it is grafted, it might be just what I need...

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

I asked the seller for the Thai name of the variety he is selling and he says it is called 'Champi Si Thong' (Gold-color Michelia) and it is distinct from 'Champi Sinuan' in that is darker, while he reffered to 'Sinuan' as powderpuff peach color. Dr. Kukiat also thinks 'Sinuan' is just a variety of M. champaca.

Now I wonder if 'Golden' that he sells and the one as seen on TT's website is the same variety that starts off a creamy color and darkens as the flower ages. That characteristic makes me suspect that 'Golden' might be a hybrid between M. x alba, if it even makes viable pollen, and M. champaca.

Whatever the case, he is selling some very hard to find Michelias and Annonaceae. I just had to apply for an import permit to buy these plants as California customs are ruthless LOL. TTropicals hasn't had anything like the varieties he is selling in years....

Just to be safe, do not buy the Talauma (aka Magnolia liliifera). For what it's worth, he told me that Magnolia liliifera is one of the strongest scented Magnoliaceae that he sells. But there is a variety of M. liliifera that is on the CITES list, that is Magnolia liliifera var. obvata. Besides, Logee's is selling a 1 foot tall plant for $20.

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Just wanted everyone to know that TT sells grafted champaca now you 3 gallon for $39.95...
Well their shipping is probably around $20 or more and don't forget to add their 10% code
Probably not so big but I'm sure it's a better size than my amazon purchases champaca last year which was so puny and dead

Anyway I think it's a good deal consider that I barely see online resources for grafted champaca because mostly they sell grafted m alba...

And no...I'm not affiliated to just so far this is the only m grafted champaca source I encounter that's a bit affordable than others for me..

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