Maid of Orleans defiency

birdsnbloomsJuly 31, 2012

I received this Maid of Orleans from 'x' nursery. Not GreenBox.

Obviously, it has a defiency...

Does it look like Iron or Magnesium defiency?

Thanks, Toni

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I'm going with iron.


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Thanks...I'll add iron...hopefully, it works. Thanks, Toni

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

You're welcome. That's pretty typical of jasmines.

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And, it's a good size for what you paid for Toni!

I love it. If I know you, that thing will be looking as green as ever and in bloom. Beautiful:-)


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Mike, too funny.

I've ordered from 'x' nursery in the past, and they've shipped really nice, healthy green plants.
It wasn't expected.

I emailed customer service..the response came fast, but she wrote, yellow leaves are common with MOO's. I disagree. My MOO lived over 10=yrs...never yellow leaves. tossed it when my plants got Mealy..

Oh well...I won't pay to resend. She also said, if it doesn't green up she'd either send another or refund money. ]

Sheesh, look how I spelled deficiency. lol

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Hi, Toni, Did the Iron work??
My MOO always havs some deep green, some light green, and some sun scorched whitish/yellowish leaves on. I think it grows too fast that the fertilizer cann't keep it up.

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OG,...I sprayed with a Citrus spray, containing iron and other minerals..hope it works..still looks pale.. :(

What type of fertilizer do you feed your MOO?

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I found MOO is very easy to take care. Never requires special attention , yet put out a ton of flowers every summer. They love hot, they love fertilizer. They are hard to kill, you can drought it for a long time, it still will grow back.
I don't use those brand name,expensive fertilizers. Buy the cheapest one I can get , just make sure its has Mg, Mn, Fe, etc trace minerals in it. I use both types, slow release and mixed in the water 1/4 strength everytime I water . I do spread few espom salt from time to time, very small amount ,few grain for all my plants including orchids; I also spread some gypsm , ironite, not at the same time, couple time in the summer time as a "treat". Of course, the fish E., we both use. Pale green color in young leave happens from time to time, but mine always turn deep green as it mature. I have never too concerned about it as long as the leave is in good size and it is not too pale. You might try high "N" fertilizer.

The best fertilizer for Jasmine is manure, pig, chichen, or human manure. Jasmine loooves it.

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Morning..what a chilly day..hope it warms up. :)

OG, I agree. I had a MOO over 15=yrs..It bloomed throughout the year, especially in winter. The fragrance was heavenly.

But, 3-yrs ago, when ants found a way in our house, so did Mealy. I know ants work w/Mealy, but it got ridiculous.

The last 15-yrs I sprayed my plants w/a home-made insecticide, and can honestly say they never had mites, scale, or mealy until the ants came.
When mealy could no longer be controlled, I ended up tossing all AV's, a few Hoyas, several Clivias and my MOO. I was devestated.

The Citrus spray has several minerals including iron. Also, I might fertilize with an acid-loving fertilizer used for Gardenias, ferns, etc.

OG, do you sprinkle Epsom Salts on the soil or add with water?
What does Gypsom do?

Actually, I do have chicken fertilizer called Peep. I bought it for outdoor, garden plants..

Oh, OG, lol, when I use Fish Emulsion, the house smells fishy..added chicken fertilizer..lolol. My family will run out of the, maybe that's a good idea. lol. J/k.

I use various fertilizers depening on plant..for instance, my Hibiscus are fed with a fertilizer only for Hibiscus. Ever since I starte using this fertilizer my Hibs live for years.
Then there's acidic, flowering, orchid, all purpose, etc.

But, you're right,...a couple fertilizers should do..One reason it takes so long to fertilizer, 3-5 days,' is plants get different fertilizers..Then there's mixing, and SuperThrive. lol.

The Moo is new, purchased either July or Aug. I emailed the nursery...they wrote back the following day and said it's common for MOO's to have pale leaves.
Honestly, the few times MOO's were sold here, and three I ordered from Accents, all had deep green foliage.
I respect the far, every plant I've purchased from 'X' nursery is healthy. But, there is a problem with their MOO's. I bet if I bought a larger, more expensive MOO from the same nursery, the leaves would have been deep green. It cost 4.00..

OG. Sounds like you really care for your plants..physically and emotionally..That's great.

Oh, one more thing. Fish Emulions is high in Nitrogen..You mentioned I should use a fertilizer high in N. Thanks, Toni

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