Geranium Pest

scondamAugust 6, 2009


My small (1 foot) light pink geranium plant looks healthy and has few beautiful flower clusters. Some pest seems to have started eating the insides of the bud since yesterday. I saw a small hole 'drilled' in few buds this morning and the inside of the bud is absolutely empty. I do not see any visible insects. Who has been eating my geranium buds and how do I get rid of them? Is there an organic way to control them? I would really like to keep these plants away from chemicals. Thanks.

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Check it with a flashlight after dark. My guess is it is earwigs, if you see nothing in the daytime. They don't eat the leaves but they will eat the flowers. If you don't know what they look like they are long bodied with pincers near the head. The adult is a reddish brown and the young are a grayish color.

You didn't say if it's in a pot or the ground. Anyway there are lots of sites that give you ways to treat them. organic or otherwise. or check the earwig postings on this site

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