dirt_under_my_nailsMarch 30, 2008

People over in the plant & seed exchange are wanting kudzu seeds & plants.What is the world coming too?


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Guess some people just don't know when they are well off!

Saw an article recently about a farmer in Eastern Alabama that has begun growing the plant commercially and shipping the tubers BACK to Japan. They seemingly have an insatiable appetite for the darn stuff! If we could interest more farmers in harvesting it and develop the overseas markets, the negative trade balance would soon be history!

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I remember reading somewhere that it is against the law to plant kudzu in one of the states here in the south. Maybe the whole south. Back in the '50s we desparately needed shade on the west side of our rental house in Valdosta, Georgia so I planted kudzu on a trellis. It grew and helped a lot. We moved and years later went back to see the old neighborhood. The kudzu was gone- someone had the good sense to remove it.

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